Monday, 1 June 2015

Party plans and preparation

Each year, sometime towards the end of January once Christmas becomes a distant memory the thought of the next event pops into my mind. For the last two years I've had the Famagusta Parents Network fun day to plan for but among that Leo's birthday ideas start to come to me.

His birthday is in May, but once the idea takes hold I can't resist a little peak at pinterest and then I can't help but quietly put a bit of a plan into action!

Over the years we have had a Thomas the Tank Engine party - Leo was too young to choose a theme but he was SO into Thomas it couldn't have been anything else. Then for his 3rd birthday we touched briefly on Mike the Knight, (my suggestion, he liked it for a bit but went off him very quickly), he then asked for Buzz Lightyear party, months in advance of his birthday but as we approached May, Spiderman was his favourite thing so Spiderman party it was.

Last year he had just discovered the Lego games on the wii, and inspired by pinterest again I gently steered him to he idea of a Lego party, it was a great theme to work with and I loved the preparation as much as he loved the party itself.

This year my first thought was Lego Star wars, mainly due to some cool homemade light sabers I'd seen, and the thought that I could reuse some things from last year, but over the last couple of months Leo's love of Harry Potter has developed giving me the best theme for a party yet!

Leo has played and completed the Lego Harry Potter game, and happily sat listening to me read the books every evening for months now. It's surprisingly hard going reading the books to him but still enjoyable as they are huge favourites of mine and he's appreciative of how much of a HP geek I am!

He has watched the first 3 films but got scared at the maze task in the Goblet Of Fire so we stopped there. We are halfway through reading that book so we will see if he wants to watch it after that.

After saying I'd never want to hold a party anywhere but at home, (mainly as it was cheaper and I get to decorate and be in control) this year I broke with tradition and hired the space at 'Tiny Acorns' which gave me more space to play with and more opportunity for an awesome party!  oh, and meant I didn't have to clean my house!

My friend, and owner of Tiny Acorns,  Sam is as crazy as me when it comes to parties so I knew she would be on board with my over excited plans.

Potions class, handmade wands, painted brick wall to pass through over the entrance, themed party food and a recreation of Honeydukes sweet shop to name a few.

I really enjoyed creating this years special day for Leo, especially the morning spent with Sam and my Mum the week before making the decorations and party favours.

I even got creative with a glue gun!

It's been a busy few weeks, work wise, and of course with all the party prep I insisted was 'essential' but I loved every second - look out for another couple of posts coming up with the details!

I'm not sure how I'm going to top this one next year!

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