Saturday, 13 June 2015

Interview with a 6 year old

For the last three years, inspired by something  I saw on pinterest I have interviewed Leo just after his birthday.

After last years 'interview with a 5 year old' I decided to avoid Louka trying to steal the limelight and interview with less distractions!

You can't quite hear the first couple of answers which were blue as his favourite colour - a strange answer when everyone who knows him knows its ALWAYS red!

His favourite toy was something random but is his light saber, wand and time turner.

I'm also not sure why he answers them all in a funny voice!

I love the fact that at the last question he looks at Aaron who was sitting opposite him - I'd assumed he would say photographer (like Daddy)  but impressed he instead said 'Klik Photo CY' with great enthusiasm, he's learning the art of promotion already.

Ah, that's my boy!

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