Monday, 8 June 2015

Harry Potter Party Preparation - Owls, wands and the all important brick wall

As much as I love my parties, and the planning of them it usually all falls down around the actual creating of stuff - decorations, cakes, favours etc.

When I get a theme in mind I head straight to pinterest and get tons of cool ideas and then realise that have neither the patience or the creativity to actually produce them. 

This year however, for Leo's 'Harry Potter' Party it was different - inspired by my geeky love of Harry Potter and my friend Sam's creative encouragement we created a masterpiece!

I wrote about Leo's Harry Potter party already but I thought I'd share some of the preparation 

First up was the all important wands - as I'm sure you know its the wand that chooses the wizard and no wizard or witch will ever be without their wand!

Raiding my Dad's shed I came up with the wooden rods, but I've seen chopsticks used or even rolled up paper.   Then it was just a case of using a glue gun to create the texture at the ends, a couple of coats of brown paint,  a little bit of gold and silver sponged onto the end, and finally a coat of varnish.

I couldn't believe that I had actually made them - to be honest I was expecting a massive pinterest fail involving glue everywhere and bits of wood stuck together in a big mess, but I didn't even get stressed by it!
Harry Potter party homemade decoration

Fearing that my run of successful crafting could not possibly continue, I handed over to Sam to create the  brick wall to cover the entrance.

It was a simple but effective decoration - one old sheet, a sponge and some paint  equals one brick wall,  add to that a cut up the middle and all of a sudden you have magical entrance to platform 9 3/4.

My previous parties have only included the usual games to keep the kids amused - pass the parcel, pin the thing on the other thing (spider on the web, funnel on Thomas - you get the idea!) and likewise,  but as Tiny Acorns is most known for the brilliant and resourceful crafts I knew one had to be included somewhere.....

Of course Sam is always happy to rise to the challenge and she presented the kids with a special 'Care of Magical Creatures' class to fit in with the Hogwarts theme.

Brilliantly simple, but so effective - pine cone, cotton wool, pipe cleaners and some googly eyes!

The kids loved it and even the little 2 year olds made one with only a little assistance

All they had to do was to push small bits of cotton wool into the pine cone all the way around
Bend two small pieces of white pipe cleaner for the wings, yellow for the beak and then poke them into the pine cone.
Finish off with some googly eyes stuck on with a little glue and you have your very own magical pet!

There is of course, more to come, you just can't stop there with a theme so cool!

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