Harry Potter Party - Potions Class

At our recent Harry Potter Party, the definite highlight for the children (and possibly some adults!)   was the Potions Class.

Professor Snape fortunately was unable to make the lesson so instead our very own Moaning Myrtle kindly took over on his behalf. 

Tiny Acorns Creativity Centre

We had a magical array of ingredients for our potions experiments, including Dragons Blood, Leech Juice and Floberworm Mucus!

Harry Potter Party Potions Class
Image Credit: Klik Photo Cy

Our first experiment  - Exploding Potion

Each 'student' was given a cauldron and took themselves 2 tablespoons of 'Bicorn Powder'  (baking powder) 

Next a squirt of 'Dragons Blood' (blood orange juice), a dash of 'Floberworm Mucus' (washing up liquid)  

Finally, some Exploding Fluid (40ml of white vinegar)

The kids, and the adults actually,  absolutely loved it!   The screams of joy and laughter were quite a surprise to me, but it went down so well!

It was really funny listening to the childrens reactions to all the ingredients, wondering if they were REALLY what we said they were and daring each other to taste the Dragon's Blood (whilst looking surreptitiously at us to see our reaction to the suggestion!) Best comment came from one who said 'Wow, Dragons Blood really tastes like orange juice!' 

Experiment No.2 created a magical colour changing potion

For this we used:
Aqua Vitae (Water)
Pumpkin Juice (Orange juice) 
Nagini Venom (Liquid Starch) 
Leech Juice (Iodine) 

Each 'student' started with some  water in a clear plastic cup. 
Using a pipette they were instructed to add a few drops of iodine which turned the water yellow. 

Followed by a few drops of Liquid Starch to turn the water black. 

The 'magic' part comes next as you gradually add the orange juice which makes the colour disappear!

Even I was impressed, and the kids were completely captivated by the magic.  Once again Sam excelled herself with her attention to detail and dedication to the children. 


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