What we've been up to......2015 so far

You may have noticed that I have been blogging less frequently than I used to and there's a whole host of reasons why, I miss it though and it makes me sad to realise that my poor little blog has only 23 posts so far this year, previously I'd have done that many in just one month!

I've got photos taken last year saved in folders awaiting the accompanying blog post, and I am part way though writing my 'Move to Cyprus' story which came to a sudden halt several months ago.

It sometimes seems to late to post about something when that moment has passed but after recently reading through the Matter of Choice archives I realised that I would regret it if I didn't cover at least some of our adventures since the start of the year.

There is of course the big one - the fact that Aaron and I now run our own company, Klik Photo Cy, that of course is at least one whole blog post in itself, as is the fact that I I recently arranged the 2nd Famagusta Parents Network Fun Day.

Party time with one of our Klik photo booths.

We've been involved in the creating of the Daxi Holiday Guide to Cyprus, with me writing a section on family fun in Cyprus, Aaron doing several photo shoots and us all trying out some great local attractions in the process.  We also went to the Daxi Business Awards earlier in the year, which was a fantastic night although rather hazy looking back on it now!

Image courtsey of Costas Kyriakides

We've had our first swim in the pool, our first trip to the beach and numerous trips to my friend and the boys favourite place - Tiny Acorns Creativity Centre where we have been on a Indoor Camping adventure, Easter celebrations and made all kinds of crafts over the weeks.

Easter was a busy time, and a lovely break, with a visit to Cyherbia for an egg hunt in the maze and lots more, and family and friends BBQ on Easter Sunday followed by traditional Cypriot games in the village and a traditional English carvery on Easter Monday!'

There have been family days out, to the camel park, Agia Napa Sculpture park, Lovelock Bridge and Achna Animal Park, and I'm sure many other things I've fancied blogging about but not had the time (or inclination )

Oh, and we got Netflix - which may have contributed to the problem some what!


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