On this day.....

I love a bit of nostalgia and one of my favourite things at the moment is the flashback apps 'timehop'
and more recently 'on this day'  on facebook.

If you haven't gathered by now, its an app which shows you your photos and statuses from 'this' day in previous years, and via the facebook one even posts to your wall and comments on stuff.

It is strange to read things that I'd written so long ago and to think of how much things have changed, and the random rubbish I used to post too when my friends were just a small handful of only 'real life' people.

Of course, the most interesting comments (alongside the 'moving to Cyprus month) to me now are the bored, ramblings of my overdue big fat pregnant self during May 2009.

'Emma is drumming her fingers impatiently'

'Emma has washed every single item of clothing we own and it turns out that they don't all fit in the cupboard if they are clean at the same time'

I was on facebook a lot back then, although surprisingly not as much as I am now - but I can use work as an excuse these days, and it's a lot easier now I have a decent phone!

These little glimpses into the past fascinate me and I love the reminders of days gone by, sometimes it seems like a whole lifetime ago looking back on ordinary memories and pictures of something that no longer exists - a childfree life in England!

Last night, 8 years ago for example I was debating whether to go to the gym or the pub - I didn't mention which I chose but I'm fairly sure I could accurately guess!

Now if only someone could invent time travel for real!


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