Now you are 6 {Leonidas}

Dear Leonidas.....

You wouldn't have known that I have written you a blog post every year since your first birthday but I realised that this year you would understand them for the first time!

Of course, today's the day you turn six, it's your birthday today, and that means it's party time!  I think I may be just as excited as you are this year and I am really looking forward to it - I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed planning it!

Now you are six
It's been a busy year for us hasn't it, with our new family business starting up and Daddy and I doing lots of work, I know you sometimes don't like the fact we have lots to do but you are becoming a good helper and I love that you are enjoying using your camera and want to work with Daddy when you are bigger.

You are doing so well at school, and I am looking forward to seeing you in your school play next week.  I am so proud of you trying your best to do your homework by yourself and even if you don't think your drawings are good enough, as long as you do your best then I am happy.

We know you are good at reading of course, but your writing is getting very good too, its hard to learn to write in two different languages but you are managing very well.

This year you have started to wear glasses, and they make you look very handsome, but also like a certain wizard, especially when you are holding your wand or wearing your robes.

I hope you have a brilliant birthday, and you enjoy your party.

Love you 'everywhere'

Mum xxxxx


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