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It's been a while since I've written an 'About me' post and when I saw this on Mum Reinvented's blog I thought I'd give it a go and kickstart my blog again in the process.

Maybe it's an expat thing or perhaps it's because we are close in age but it turns out we are quite similar, I cut and pasted the questions and as I wrote my answers in place of hers there were a surprising amount of similarities! 
1. What’s your favourite movie?
I'm really not a film fan and I'm forever saying 'No, I've not seen that'  to hundreds of 'must see' films.   It's quite rare for me to see a film more than once if at all so anything I've watched many times has to be classed as a favourite - so I'd have to say Back to the Future, or Shaun of the Dead as the first that come to mind!
2. Favourite movie in the past five years?
I'm really struggling with this one, I watch so few films these days(even less than I once did!)  as I'm always online in the evenings, and if I sit on the sofa more than half an hour I tend to fall asleep. 
3. Favourite Hitchcock film?
As before, I'm really not a film fan, so I've not seen any Hitchcock films that I can think of!
4. A book you plan on reading?
I’m in the middle of 'Watermelons, a fish and a bible' I was really looking forward to reading it but it didn't immediately grab my attention which surprised me for a book set in Cyprus and I've not got round to finishing it. 
5. A book that you read in school that positively shaped you?
Forever by Judy Blume – I don’t know about ‘positively shaping’ me, but it’s certainly the one that sticks out in my memory.
6. Favourite TV show that’s currently on?
How I Met Your Mother, ok it's not currently on but I've only just discovered it and I'm watching nothing else while I plough my way through over 200 episodes on Netlfix.  (they are short enough that I tend not to fall asleep as often!) 
7. On a scale of one to ten how excited are you about life right now?
Probably an big fat 10 due to the FPN Fun Day this weekend and all the developments with our new photo booth hire company.  The boys are now almost 6, and 2.5 years old so they are becoming a bit easier to take out and I'm loving the fact that we have moved on from the 'baby days' 
8. iPhone or Android?
Android. I always wanted an iphone but now I have a decent Android I have changed my mind!
9. Twitter or Instagram?
As much as I have tried I still can't really get into twitter although I do give it a good try ever now and again.  I don't use Instagram as much as I used to but guess if I had to pick one it would be IG. 
10. Who should EVERYONE be following right now?

Erm... I have NO idea.   So I'll say you should be following me - on here if you enjoy my blog,  on the FPN if you live in or visit Cyprus, and on Klik if you like photos!
11. What’s your favourite food?
Chinese food, or steak, or cake.....aargh don't make me choose!
12. Least favourite food?
Peanut butter.   I've hated it for years and once I accidentally ate a bit of discarded toast from the kids that was covered in it,  everyone thought it was hilarious as I ran to find something to eat to take the taste away -  serves me right for eating the kids food I guess!
13. What do you love on your pizza?
Pepperoni, ham, beef - basically the toppings of a Pizza Hut Meat feast!   Halloumi is a great addition to though!
14. Favourite drink?
Cocktails – Sex on the Beach or Pina Colada, or a beer or vodka and coke depending on my mood. 
15. Favourite dessert?
As long as it doesn't contain nuts, coffee or too much fruit it's probably a winner!
16. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
17. Coffee or tea?
Tea, can't stand coffee in any way, shape or form!
18. What’s the hardest part about being a mum?
Trying to balance keeping the kids happy and disciplining them,  and not having enough sleep!
19. What’s your favourite band?
I’m not really into ‘proper’ bands. I was a Take That fan if you include boy bands.
20. Favourite solo artist?

I couldn't pick one that I like more than others,  I've always been a fan of various songs rather than one specific artist. 
21. Favourite song?
Oh it's impossible to pick just one!   I usually go with 'Hold On' by Wilson Phillips. 
22. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?
David Tennant, but the singing would not be the aim of the meeting!
23. If you could master one instrument, what would it be?
I gave up with musical instruments after attempting to learn the recorder in school.
24. If you had a tattoo, where would it be?
I've got on on my leg already but I am vaguely thinking about another one day as this one was supposed to be for the 'three' of us, and incorporates Leo's birthday, so I guess I need to even things out a bit!
25. To be or not to be?
To be,  why would you answer anything else!
26. Dogs or cats?
27. Bird-watching or whale-watching?
Whale watching
28. Best gift you’ve ever received?
A weekend in Paris. 
29. Best gift you’ve ever given?
I'm not sure, I guess it depends on the opinon of the recipent!    I'd say the most unusual and one that took the most thought was a printed list of 60 memories from my childhood that I gave to my Dad on his 60th birthday. 
30. Last gift you gave a friend?

Leo and I painted a canvas for my Mum's birthday using his hand prints to make a sun and with the text 'You are my Sunshine' 
31. What’s your favourite board game?
Articulate  - so many funny moments have come from that over the years.
32. What’s your favourite country to visit?
I'd have to say England now as I get to see my old friends.
33. What’s the last country you visited?
England, the only country I have been to since I left it 5.5 years ago. 
34. What country do you wish to visit?
I'd quite like to visit some little Greek islands but since living in Cyprus I have no real desire to visit anywhere else, not yet anyway. 
35. What’s your favourite colour?
I haven't really got one. 
36. Least favourite colour?
Again, I guess it depends on what it's relating to but generally I don't have one. 
37. Diamonds or pearls?
38. Heels or flats?
Flats without a doubt!  I live in flat boots in the winter and switch to fit flops as soon as it warms up.  I avoid heels whenever I can even though I know they look better - as long as I'm not stumbling over! 
39. Pilates or yoga?
40. Jogging or swimming?
41. Best way to de-stress?

Watching random rubbish on youtube or messing about on social media. 
42. If you had one superpower, what would it be?
To be able to travel in time. 
43. What’s the weirdest word in the English language?
I had no idea so I turned to google, and this jumped out at me.
Tittynope  - apparently it means a small quantity of something left over. 
44. What’s your favourite flower?
Again, I've not really got one.  (I didn't actually realise I have so few opinons!)  I like flowers, but I couldn't name half the ones I see around. 
45. When was the last time you cried?
I couldn't put a date on it, but its been quite a while now. 
46. Do you like your handwriting?
No, I write too fast and it's because of that it's not often legible to anyone other than me. 
47. Do you bake?
Yes, I much prefer baking than creating savoury dishes. 
48. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?
My lack of patience. 
49. What is your most favourite thing about yourself?
I like to think I am a good friend.
50. Who do you miss most?
My friends in the UK
51. What are you listening to right now?
Aaron watching something or other on the TV,  I never really pay attention to what it is!
52. Favourite smell?
Bacon, or souvla cooking, or pretty much any yummy food!
53. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My Mum
54. Who was the last person you sent a text to?
Aaron who was doing a food shop, adding on things I had forgotten to put on the list. 
55. A sport you wish you could play?
I used to wish I could play lacrosse as I loved the social life that went with being on the team but I was rubbish at it!
56. Hair colour?
57. Eye colour?
58. Scary film or happy endings?
Always happy endings
59. Favourite season?
Spring - the weather starts to warm up with the excitement of summer still to come, before we have had too much of the heat. 
60. Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?
My Nan as I never met her, My Grandad as I would love to speak to him as an adult and get him to teach me Greek (he could speak many languages!) and Aaron's Grandad, as he speaks so fondly of him and I never met him. 
61. Hugs or kisses?
62. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?
The Beatles
63. Where were you born?
Kent in South East England.
64. What is the farthest you have been from home?
65. Sweet or savoury?
66. Lipstick or lip gloss?
The only thing I ever use is the long stay lip colours with the gloss that goes on top as everything else seems to come off by the time I leave the house. 
67. What book have you read again and again?
Lightning by Dean Koontz
68. Favourite bedtime story?
There are so many, I always come back to The Monkey Puzzle or The Gruffalo as they are a nice easy read and the boys love to join in, although I am really enjoying reading the Harry Potter books to Leo, it's just taking rather a long time to get through them!
69. What would be the title of your autobiography?
It would have to be 'A matter of Choice'
70. Favourite sound?
I was going to say the sound of the kids snoring as it means they are asleep but in all honestly its really the sound of them laughing, even thought it often signifies trouble!
71. Favourite animal?
Dog - I grew up with dogs, and Aaron and I had one before we moved to Cyprus. I would love another one day when we have a bit more space and we can convince the boys not to be scared!
72. Who is your girl crush?
I wouldn't say I have one.
73. Last photograph you took?

It's a typical 'in the moment' photo rather than one for the family album.

I was deep in planning mode for the FPN fun day this weekend and I was in my element - sat in front of my laptop with a colour coded spreadsheet, a big to do list and a vodka and coke!


  1. Ha ha our answers are pretty similar! Glad you're posting again, been missing seeing what you 4 have been getting up to x


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