Yesterday you said tomorrow...

Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today...

Yes, it's true I do sound like my Mother but annoyingly she is sometimes right (sometimes, I can't actually say ALL the time or it will go to her head!)

To a degree I'm quite good at sticking to the rule, better than many but every now and again I slow down at a certain thing or two and need to kick myself up the bum!  I say I need to as it never works if its someone else trying to do it, if anything it tends to make me put it off even more!

For ages now I've been about to start to lose the extra stone I put on since stopping going to Slimming World, but I can't get my head back into it. WHY?  I've done it so many times and I know how to do it, I know why to do it and I know it will make me happier in a relatively short space of time.

I know that when I put my mind to it that I'm bloody good at Slimming World, I know that it works and I know that I could lose a stone without any major drama.

For weeks now I've been going to start on 'Monday',  then I miss Monday and decide that diets don't have to start on a Monday and it becomes Tuesday, Wednesday and then oh look it's Monday again!

Yesterday we had glorious weather, and for a while now we've not had the heating on, I'd even gone down to wearing only 2 layers!  Yesterday I thought it was perfect beach weather and was going to take the boys but I arsed around all morning and it got to school pick up and I had not dug out the buckets, towels or made lunch. I was going to put a washload on but thought I'd just do it today instead.

I decided that this morning I would do all the above and go straight from school for a beach picnic.

Then this happened...


Yep, should have done it yesterday.

My first thought this morning, (other than I really wish I hadn't left Leo's school shoes outside in the rain)  was that I would do the school run and go back to bed, to be honest that still sounds appealing, but then I will have to do all the things tomorrow that I should have done today and then the sun will probably be out again.

In just a couple weeks I'll be out of jeans and jumpers and I will face the yearly problem of nothing else fitting me, it's possible that somehow I'll avoid the problem again until I'm wearing loose sundresses and bikinis which always fit and carry on without losing my stone.

The plan - get off backside, start exercising again and plan SW meals - seriously how hard is it?!

Maybe I'll just go back to bed for an hour and think about it...

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  1. Tomorrow is 12/3/15 which has a nice feel to it - the number go together. So start tomorro. Honestly I could have written this post myself (the bits about the diet). So let's both start tomorrow. Good Luck!


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