Winter time fun at Fig Tree Bay

Scrolling down my facebook feed last night I spotted a photo of local beach, Fig Tree Bay being prepared for the summer season,  huge piles of sand ready for distribution across the beach.

Well that's just asking to be climbed on isn't it!

I collected the boys from school and we drove straight there. It was the first time this year that we all kicked off our shoes and felt the sand between our toes.  

Louka managed to climb the 'mountains' very well and was so proud of himself when he got to the top of them all. 

Leo jumped around and rolled down everyone, backwards, sideways and every way possible!

Of course I had to join them,  you know to erm check it was safe, and to get the photos,   I managed not to roll down any however but did fall over several times when running up them.

It was a really enjoyable time, only cut short once the lure of the water had become too much for them and the inevitable happened. 

I rolled up Leo's trousers as they paddled in a channel running to the sea,  predicting that Louka wouldn't stay upright I took his off and sent him running in his jumper and nappy. 

Of course, Leo's trousers soon become soaked as the splashing in the channel turned into running away from the waves, which then progressed a little deeper until they didn't manage to run quick enough. 

As I went to suggest we left the water, Louka fell face first and stood up soaked to the skin and covered head to toe in sand.  I had a towel, but it was in the car so I persuaded Leo to give up his jumper as he was dry and warm and Louka (the colder of the two - my 'Cyprus' baby ) was already shivering. 

We took that as time to leave with Leo wrapped in a towel, and Louka wearing a 5 year olds jumper, but with a plan to return on another sunny day armed this time with a change of clothes!


  1. Wow, the photos look like you are having so much fun. I couldn't help but laugh about the face first in the water, its typical isn't it, always when you have no spare clothes. Get severe beach MISS now though with all the beach posts, may have to do the 90minute drive each way tomorrow if its dry! #countrykids

  2. It looks like you're having tonnes of fun running up and down the sand mountains. It's always the way, you don't bring a change of clothes anticipating a little toe dip at best and you come back dripping, those are the days that kids remember though! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. This made me smile. A totally free and fabulous outing seized when the opportunity resented itself. Well done.

  4. Oh that looks so much fun - I would be up there too! #countrykids


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