Loukas Starts Nursery School

Doesn't time fly! It's a cliche but for good reason as it doesn't feel like that long ago Louka arrived and completed our family yet this year he's started school. (well nursery but we always call it school!) 

Leo starting school was not a huge success and I hoped to do things differently with Louka to try to avoid similar problems.  Leo, at almost 3.5 years old was quite late to start, compared to his friends and that was a large part of the problem, as he could speak well and understand everything, but only in English.  It must have been very confusing to be suddenly in a world where nothing made sense, without Mum and not having a clue what was happening. I had always hoped to get Louka in earlier so it would be an easier transition. 

At 2.5 years old Louka doesn't understand to quite the same level that Leo did although he knows Leo goes to school every day which makes things a little easier for him. 

I'd been debating for a while over which nursery to choose as their are two in our village, Leo still tells me how much he hated his 'little school' and often said he really hoped Louka wouldn't have to go there!  Not that I think there was anything wrong with the school itself, I think that Leo mainly has bad memories from it, the main reason he gives me is that they 'forced' him to eat the food, considering he often says his current school 'force' him to eat the fruit I'm sure it's just a little exaggeration! 

Looking back on Leo's first day at school, I realise the main reason why it didn't go so well, for some daft reason I hadn't taken him when I went to look round so although he walked in with me happily I was there less than 5 minutes before being ushered out leaving him screaming in the play area. I think it was somewhat of a shock to him!

Learning from this, I took Louka (and my Mum!)  to see the school (the other one to where Leo went, which is also nearer home and on Leos' school run)  and we sent a good half an hour letting him walk around and play whilst I found out more information. 

We decided there and then it was the school for him and registered for Louka to start the very next day. He found a small robot, similar to one Leo has and that for him was the selling point I think! 

We went home and Mum presented him with his very own school bag which actually made him jump for joy!   He put it on and ran straight to the door saying 'Louka school now?' 'Louka see robot now?' 

He wore the bag for most of the day and carried on asking to go to school - I was just hoping he'd carry on being as enthusiastic about it!

The following morning he didn't start until 9am (usual time being 7.45 ish)  so I first took Leo as usual leaving Louka with Aaron. 

We arrived at school and were greeted by his teacher Maria,I was unsure whether to come in but Maria welcomed me in to see him settled. He didn't want to go into the classroom and I tried to persuade him whilst explaining to Maria what he actually wanted to do - to go to the play room and see the robot.   

Maria told him to show her, and let him lead the way through the school to find it, and I took the opportunity to say a quick goodbye and hastily left!

Big school boys!
I collected him at 12, an hour earlier than the usual time and he was so pleased to see me, saying over and over again 'So back Mummy' ('so glad you're back').

As he started on a Thursday he had a short week, but he made me laugh the following morning as we arrived by saying 'Aah School again Mummy?'

He's now been going almost a month and he's doing fine, the last few days they even told me that he hadn't cried all morning - he never even manages that at home!


  1. Aww lovely post. As the oldest child I firmly believe that the second child has a smoother path through life. :)

  2. awww bless him Emma what a sweetie and how well he has done about going to school. Jenson still cries about having to attend pre school and he is almost 4!!! xx


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