Let's move to Cyprus {Part Three}

I first visited Cyprus in August 2007, just after we decided that it would be a good idea to move here! You can read Part One of our story here,  and Part Two here, if you missed them.

I had the strangest feeling walking to the the old Larnaca airport for the first time. I can picture it now as clearly as if I was looking at a photo.  I strongly felt like I had been there before and had the feeling you get when you approach passport control off an inbound flight to Gatwick and I could clearly imagine 'coming home'  to it in the future. 

We were met at the airport and driven to our accommodation with an apology about the standard of apartment we were to be staying in, along with an explanation that it was the only place left vacant on the biggest bank holiday of the summer.   We wondered if maybe they were not actually taking us seriously as potential buyers as it wasn't the best of first impressions. 

As we opened the door to our dump of an apartment we were nearly taken off our feet by the wall of heat that hit us, we looked at our badly lit, sparsely furnished room and non-working air conditioning unit and looked at each other and laughed.... 'Welcome to Cyprus'!

Deryneia Village - we didn't know it then but it was going to be our new home.
We were collected early next morning and as we chatted about our (lack of) plans he drove us around the area telling us about the different towns and Cyprus life in general. 

The thing with the property trips is that they are not a chance to grab a mini holiday (although I loved nearly every second of it so it kinda felt like one)   the sales rep is with you from morning to night, taking you to lunch and only leaving you for an hour or so early evening to get ready for dinner before taking you out again, finally leaving you around 11pm to be ready to do it all again the following day. 

He took us on the scenic drive - the one we now take our visitors on.  Agia Napa to Cape Greko, through Protaras, Pernera, on to Agia Triada, through Kapparis and into the centre of Paralimni. 

We told him that we were probably looking for two properties, one for us and one for my parents. We then changed our minds and started looking at the possibility of getting one large property together, then maybe a small villa, and back to apartments again, all in the space of a few hours.  He then realised that we had no real idea of what we were doing!

Paralimni town centre.

Although we had no idea what we were doing, and we had come far too early in the scheme of things, having no money and our house not yet up for sale, we were serious buyers, or we were going to be!

It was a full on trip with almost no time to ourselves, except a couple of hours on the last day, when our brilliant rep realised we weren't getting anywhere and we came to the mutual decision that he was going to watch the football and give us some time to ourselves.

There was only one thing to do - SWIM!!!

I don't think anyone has actually moved as fast as I did on that day, Aaron had hardly made it through the door by the time I had got changed, I remember the look of disbelief on his face as he said he wouldn't be long and I replied with 'Ok, see you there!' as I ran out clutching a towel! I think it was something like 5 minutes between getting back and getting wet!

The last night sticks in my mind as well, just the two of us, sat at the bar by the pool debating the pros and cons of moving. It was very surreal, probably more so for me than him as I don't think it was a hard decision for him at all.

I tried to imagine being here, all the time, forever and leaving the country I'd spent all my life in behind for what?  I really didn't know,  and as stupid as it seemed I felt like it would actually happen.

But really??? Move to Cyprus? We've only been here 2 days, we know nothing, and no-one and what about my friends?

A song came on - 'Big Girls Don't Cry' (Fergie)  and the line 'I'm going to miss you like a child misses a blanket but I gotta move on with my life, It's time to be a big girl now, and big girls don't cry' stopped me in my tracks

I realised I was thinking about how much I was going to miss my friends, and I realised that I had made the decision already.

Coming up in part four - Breaking the news and putting the plan into action!

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  1. Wow loving this memoir series. Can't wait for part 4. Please keep writing it all down.

  2. So pleased to hear you're enjoying it! I'm really enjoying writing it, I don't think I could have done it at the time though.


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