Why don't you? (turn off the tv and do something less boring instead)

Why don't you turn off that tv and do something less boring instead?

Do you remember that program?  I may just be showing my age. but I always used to watch it in the school holidays, obviously not taking the advice from the opening credits!  (I assume they meant turn off the TV AFTER the program had finished!

Back in the days pre-children I swore blind that they wouldn't sit in front of the television all day, it would be on for a small amount of time each day for fun but educational programs which we would watch together and talk about to see what we had learnt...... yes I know I was somewhat deluded and had no idea what would inevitably happen.  (I also thought I would only feed them nutritious and healthy home cooked meals and very strictly ration sweets, crisps and junk food but that's a whole other blog post!) 

Between birth and about 6 months Leo had never watched a program, although I was quite a fan of inane daytime tv when he was tiny, I was still quite confident that he wouldn't be front of a screen for long. 

At 6 months we stayed with some friends of ours who had children and I remember the wonder in his face as he saw Cbeebies for the first time, he looked at me as if to say 'You didn't tell me there was cool stuff on Mum!'

Arriving in Cyprus we soon got Nilesat (the most popular TV package at the time) and one morning whilst flicking through the channels with Leo on my lap I came across 'Barney and Friends' and as it was the only English (ish!) thing I could find I stopped on it.....  

It wasn't that long after that I found something else worth watching first thing in the morning, but by then the pattern had been established and I was surprised to find my little baby was not impressed at all by a change in it. 

Of course I then realised I could put him down and get lots of things done!

Leo at 6 months

We then progressed through the usual suspects, Thomas, and Bob, Postman Pat and Mickey Mouse. It was fine, he didn't sit in front of it all day but the TV was pretty much always on, even if we were not in front of it. 

Leo learnt a lot from the things he watched, Postman Pat was the main reason he knew his alphabet so early, and Charlie and the Numbers was an early favourite so I was more than happy to let him watch. 

Of course Louka was introduced much earlier and as Leo has grown up he has jumped the pre-school delights of  Thomas, Bob and the others, and where Leo could name every engine on Sodor, Loukas can tell you the names of all the Superheros, and thinks he is a ninja. 

We now have Netflix running through the wii. and for some reason Leo hates to watch anything other than that, even if we have the same thing on DVD.  

In fact it is often Leo who now wants to watch Pocoyo or Bubble Guppies, while Louka is asking for Ninjago or Power Rangers. They do watch less TV overall now, although it now competes with the Wii (another post coming up!)  and laptop / tablet but they say variety is spice of life!?

It's such a departure from my own childhood where constant TV just wasn't an option. Lunchtime programs, after school programs,  no dvds, I think I had a couple of VHS videos by the time I was a teenager.  

I hardly watch the TV at all these days, with just not worth the hassle it would create by trying to do it in the daytime, and in the evening I give it up to Aaron while I sit at the laptop, sometimes blogging, sometimes watching one of the small handful of my favourite programs online.

I've never been a film lover, in fact it's quite shocking the amount of 'must see' films that I've not seen,  Aaron is constantly shocked by my lack of film knowledge. Not having access to proper UK channels via the TV means I now don't 'channel surf' and I look at Netflix, get paralyzed with indecision and retreat back to the laptop. 

We are considering changing our TV setup and getting the UK channels like many of our friends now have here, I see a return to aimlessly watching things that don't seem worth the effort to watch online and maybe being introduced to things that have appeared since 2009.

I wonder how it will change our viewing habits again? 


  1. Why Don't you!!! Of course i remember that show!
    i feel thew same about screen time with my two Emma. I mean we did watch TV growing up, after school and Saturday mornings and during the holidays but it wasnt all the time and we played a lot too. But i do feel some times they watch too much and given the opportunity they would be on the iPad all the time!! i guess its just a sign of the times. However they do play and get outdoors too, so i think they have a good mix xx


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