Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas is for kids (big kids too!)

We spent Christmas Eve having a fairly normal day but we took the boys to the park in the afternoon for a chance to burn off some energy and excitement.When we got home the Christmas countdown really began as we started to track Santa and play some festive games together on my laptop.

For the third year I produced the 'Snuggle Sack' much to the delight of the boys. This year the boys had new pyjamas, we all had crisps, and chocolates to share, as well as a Christmas story and the boys stockings and our 'Santa Stop Here' sign and a new DVD.  

Earlier in the day Leo had said in a random comment that one day he'd love to have a special Hot Chocolate with cream and sprinkles, like he'd seen on a Christmas game. As we sat to watch the film asked if he'd like a special hot chocolate, with cream, chocolate sprinkles, a chocolate stick and a candy cane, you should have seen his face!   He jumped for joy and said 'Thank you, thank you Mummy, I'm so happy!'   I made us one each (mine minus the candy cane but with a large slug of baileys in it!)  and he proceeded to moan it was hot, and then decided he didn't like it at all!

With the boys in their matching pyjamas, and the film complete, it was time to arrange the treats for Santa, along with a thank you note from Leo,  and then off to bed. 

I never really know how the boys will wake, what time Louka will get up or if he will go back to sleep so I was hoping they would both sleep ok. As it happened Leo woke 3 times and on the last time at 4am I hustled him back to bed desperately hoping he wouldn't disturb Louka, he asked me if Santa had been and I replied 'Oh I don't know but we'd better get back to bed fast in case he hasn't'.

Quick as a flash Leo was back in bed and snuggled up again!

Louka slept well, coming in to us at when he then went back to sleep for another hour having n real understanding of the day.  When he woke I debated between putting on a DVD and having maybe an hour of relative peace but decided against it! 

Instead I sent him in to Leo with the instruction to tell Leo that Santa had been, I wish I'd videoed what happened because it was so funny!   Louka ran in and started hitting Leo shouting 'Leo, Leo wake up, come see, Santa here'   (He was confused as we'd put an inflatable Santa on top of the presents).  Leo mumbled something and rolled over but Louka carried on, saying again and again 'Leo, Santa, wake up'

Eventually he got out of bed and allowed Louka to drag him into the living room, still half alseep and muttering 'OK Louka, OK'   They stopped in front of the presents and Leo, still obviously not with it, said flatly 'Yes, Louka, lovely, presents, stop shouting'

I stood back waiting for the penny to drop,  it took a while but we got there in the end.  There was a sudden pause a sharp intake of breath as Leo turned and sped back into the bedroom to check his stocking.  Seconds later he reappeared shouting 'Mum, Look Santa's been, we've got presents!!'

Aaron was swiftly kicked out of bed by the pair of them and the opening commenced!

At a slightly more sociable time of day my parents popped up and Leo took great delight in giving them the presents he had brought himself, after tea and crumpets (proper English crumpets!)  they left to get ready for round 2 of presents, at their apartment before lunch.

This year we had decided to go out, for the first time, for Christmas dinner, meaning my Mum not cooking for the first time in 40 years!  I was a little unsure that it wouldn't be a good idea but it was a lovely afternoon, good food, nice atmosphere and the boys were both very well behaved, I'd certainly think about doing it next year too.

We were back at my parents by 6pm for a chilled few hours before the boys got too tired to take any more and it was time to go back home.

All in all it was a brilliant Christmas!


  1. what a super idea with the snuggle sack i totally love that!!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments and let me take the opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful new year x

  2. It's been a long time since I've had proper crumpets - must have them again soon.

  3. Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas, great when the kids and adults can all enjoy it. Happy New Year to you #MagicMoments


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