Chasing my tail and trying to make a plan.

Where is the time going to?

How have I only managed to write 63 blog posts this year!   I know I've had the Famagusta Parents Network as well for the first time this year but still it's a huge departure from the 256 and 287 posts of 2011 and 2012!

I miss my blog but the less I write, the harder it seems to get into it. I have so many posts in my head but they are vague and I am struggling to get them out there, being far to easily distracted by facebook, youtube and even the time sucking wast of time that is!

I've always dipped in and out of twitter and gone through phases of loving it and ignoring it for weeks on end but with the temperamental piece of junk that is my phone I've even lost my love of instagram, both of which keep my blogging habit up without too much effort.

There's so much I want to write about, the opening of my friends new venture - 'Tiny Acorns Creativity Centre', the Christmas events we've been too,  Leo's new glasses and the saga of having to wear an eye patch for a session each day, our nights out, the trips to the park and puddle jumping,  not to mention the launch of our new business...  'Klik Photography  and our new photobooth - the Party Booth.

Cyprus Photo Booth
The new Party Booth by Klik Photography

Just before Christmas we  launched the booth after it's arrival 3 days before our first event, and now it's all hands to the laptops to get the website finished as soon as possible plus we have another two events this year.

I will not abandon my baby, my original blog despite all the new things that have developed since it's birth but I will need to focus a little more on a plan,  and stop wasting time doing nothing online!  I miss my blogging friends and the interaction that comes with a busy blog and I know I will miss the record of our lives that this blog creates.

I have a list (of course, you can't make a plan without a list) and I will play catch up, ignoring the fact that the time has passed - my blog, my rules!

Now I have a nice new shiny phone  thanks to Aaron (who made me believe he hadn't got me a Christmas present until the last minute!) so hopefully that will help, if I don't get distracted by silly games and pinterest of course!


  1. That's what I'm like at the mo - my personal blog has taken a huge backseat to all the other blogging/social media stuff I'm doing in my work life and although I miss it I can't seem to get back into it. I'm loving all your businesses though, sounds like you're doing brilliantly out there and love the photobooth idea, sounds like so much fun! Happy New Year to you and your three boys x

  2. I'm the same - way fewer posts this year. I thought it was because as this is the 4th year of blogging the festivals we celebrate are not so different from the previous 3 years. I don't have so much to say that I've not already said. This year there has been more posting about bigger issues and things that interest me outside of our daily lives. Wishing you a wonderful 2015! xxx


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