Thursday, 20 November 2014

The one where I don't know what to wear.

As exciting as the first rain after the summer is, I'm still not a huge fan despite the long hot summers I've experienced over the last few years.  Many of my friends here love the winter and relish the novelty of snuggling up with pyjamas and watching tv,  but I'd still rather take the long summer balcony evenings given the choice!

I do love my duvet though, and I do get very excited over sausage and mash for dinner - Aaron refuses to eat anything like that over the summer so winter does have some plus points!

Unlike living in the UK, there is a distinct difference between summer and winter - never in England did I pack my winter wardrobe away completely for the summer months and change my whole lifestyle as the nights drew in.

I find over the summer I get lazy with what I wear - it seems so much easier then!  Get up, pick some shorts and a top, or a dress, flip flops - sorted!

In winter, leggings, jeans, skirt or what?   Does it still fit?   Which shoes go with them?  Is it too warm for boots, will I be cold in flipflops? Why do I not have anything inbetween the two?!   Which top? Do I need a cardigan, or a coat, do I even own one?!

The  problem (admittedly a very 'first world' problem) is working out what to wear - this time of year creates a very diverse collection of clothing as you go about the place with people wearing anything from shorts and vests to jeans, jumpers, coats and woolly hats  (yes really!  I saw two children at school this morning wearing them).

What starts off as a chilly morning suggesting long trousers and a jumper can turn into a lovely 'summer' morning by 10am where the temperature heads back to the mid to high 20's.  Yet by late afternoon you get another sudden drop as the sun goes down meaning the layers are piled back on again and my good old fluffy dressing gown makes an appearance.

Another reason I'm not the biggest fan of winter is the fact that our living space almost halves when we close our balcony doors which would have been open pretty much constantly since May. It's more noticeable than ever this year with two growing kids trying to run around in a very small space. Maybe winter will grow on me when I get more than 3 rooms and a sofa that is comfortable for the cosy winter evening - I think I'll put a fireplace on the wish list as well!

It's funny though to look back - yesterday I noticed on 'timehop'  (a brilliant app which shows you photos and statuses from 'this day' in previous years) that this time last year I announced that winter had arrived. what timehop also told me was the time of the update and the fact it was 23 degrees.

However,  4 years ago on the same day I had spent a 'lovely afternoon on the beach with Leo and been in the sea - it was 26 degrees then!

It still never fails to fascinate me, the temperatures at which I now feel cold but it's certainly what you become acclimatized to, plus the fact that indoors it is usually so much colder than outside.

One thing about the season though - you do get the most amazing lighting shows, we spend many a time watching the spectacular storms from our balcony and this week was one of the best in a long time.

Photo by  Klik Photography


  1. I always get the weather wrong. As you say, it's colder inside than out so I dress warm in the morning and by 10am I'm far too hot if I' out and about. But if I dress to feel comfortable at midday I'm freezing by 5pm. Another problem is you want your coat when it rains but the coat is far too hot for the temperature. It may be raining but it's not cold yet. The unfortunate and infuriating fact is that we do need an autumn/spring wardrobe but it's only for about two- three weeks of each.

  2. Glad it's not just me then! I find the only way to go is layers, and lots of them, I'm just not used to having to think about co-ordinating or wearing proper shoes!


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