Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dancing with my 'baby' in the summer rain

Who'd have thought it, that the rain would ever cause such excitement.  I've always hated the rain, traditionally the sure fire way to ruin a day for me in the UK  but once you approach the end of the summer and almost 6 months without a drop of the wet stuff and your outlook tends to change!

There has been rain recently in Larnaca and surrounding villages but it had been yet to reach us. Today as the first few drops fell I remarked to Aaron that it would probably come to nothing as the first one usually does.....

Leo who once said 'I don't like raining, we gonna need umbrellas'  (to be precise 3 years ago this week, thanks to the wonder of 'Timehop')   went a little bit crazy and ran around dancing and singing, oh and doing 'Power Ranger' moves - like you do.

I was amused to see look over the balcony and see my Dad standing in the rain, with the garden hose aimed at the gazebo roof, after laughing at him though I did decide to get the broom and start sweeping whilst it was still raining. It took only a minute or so to become saturated!

I've often thought it amusing to see all the Cypriot housewives pop out the second it stops raining to hose down their driveways, and even the pavements and roads, even if it looks like it might continue to rain.  But today, sweeping after the rain I couldn't fight the urge to grab that hosepipe - seems it gets us all in the end!

Louka missed all the excitement by timing his nap badly which is no bad thing as he's not mastered the art of walking around on a slippery tiled balcony.   Leo appeared to have the time of his life though and danced until the very last drops fell.

In true Cyprus style it ended suddenly, and within minutes the sun was breaking back through the clouds.

Ever since I've not been able to get this old favourite of mine out of my head.... Belinda Carlisle's Summer Rain

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  1. Why do you hose everything down after the rain, is it because it's sandy or something?

    Great dancing Leo!

  2. Ha ha I posted the exact same thing this morning, seems the rain is all over the Med today!

  3. We are expecting the rain tomorrow - obviously moving eastwards. I totally get it about celebrating. All my neighbours go out onto their balconies to enjoy the first rain and sometimes we even clap. And I also go and wipe/queegee all the summer sand and dust off the balcony while it's still wet. By the next rain it's not so dirty.

  4. Yes, it's unbelievably sandy and it's almost impossible to sweep it up as it's so fine. Months of sand cover the roof and everything and when it rains the first time it makes a hell of a mess!

  5. Glad you've said that I was thinking I was a little mad! But as torrential as it was there just wasn't enough water to get rid of the sand, it's sunny now though so I'm glad I saved myself a job :)

  6. Funny to think of you celebrating a drop of rain when we are always cursing it here in england. Love the rain dance! Thank you for sharing your fun with me on Country Kids


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