Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Crafty Activity day - Flashback Friday

People always say that you never get something for nothing but Tiny Acorns recently proved otherwise with their first Childrens’ FREE activity day.  

Sam, the creator of Tiny Acorns Creavtivity Centre wanted to provide the children with something completely different to do that all the parents could get involved in without worrying about the cost, twelve weeks school holidays is a long time and it can get very expensive trying to occupy the kids as they get bored and restless towards the end of the holidays.

The aim was to offer the children the experience to try something new, and in the process generate some awareness of the creative businesses that we have in the local area.

Many companies were involved in providing activities for the day, along with the craft table, junk modelling and drawing stations set up by Tiny Acorns.  There was tile painting with the staff from ‘I Parea Mikron Filon' nursery  with donations from The Pottery Place, face painting by St Johns Church, Deryneia, Baby Ballet and Theatre arts by Performers Academy of Dance, pottery making with Askott Pottery and story time with myself as the Famagusta Parents Network.

There was also a free raffle with prizes donated by Personalised in Cyprus and Banbao building bricks as well as Tiny Acorns craft packs. Home Sweets Home were there selling  wide variety of retro sweets which was very popular with kids and adults alike, and my hubby was there as Aaron’s Klik Photo CY to capture the fun on camera!

The day was a great success and well attended by families of all ages. I took both my boys who are huge Tiny Acorns fans, Leo (age 5) having attended throughout the summer holidays with Loukas and I and loving every second. 

I asked Leo what his favourite bit was and considering he never seems to have a huge amount of imagination I was surprised to hear him say it was the junk crafting station, where he made a 'sword’  from a tube, tape and a paper plate!  I loved to see the children having fun and the parents getting involved as well, a real community event and an outstanding achievement from Tiny Acorns.

I loved being part of the event as the Famagusta Parents Network and helping to support Sam in arranging the day, it was great fun and I think our concepts work really well together, hopefully the attendees did to, and I look forward to future FPN / Tiny Acorns collaborations!


  1. Looks great and a win-win for both families and local businesses. Maybe events organizing is your 'thing'?

  2. What a brilliant idea, sounds like it was a huge success and enjoyed by all, well done you! Thanks for linking up with #loudnproud :)

  3. Sounds like a really fun event. I love things like this for the kids and I to go to.

  4. awwww look how big Loukas look now! it sounds like a lovely inititative and wonderful when a community comes together to provide such a great resource for families. my two would have loved the junk modelling station too x
    thanks for linking up


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