Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Messing about with 'Gloop'

It appears I've accidentally scared my children and given them a dislike of being messy, although you'd never believe it if you saw the state of my floor most days!

Although it was never my intention, messy play has never been something that I consider fun and as I realized the boys may be starting to agree with me I decided to get over myself and re-do an activity (one that was messy, but also fairly easy to clean up!)  that I first did with Leo almost three years ago

It didn't go brilliantly all those years ago but I thought it would be different this time, and it was just not at first!

Cornflour and water mixed together becomes a non-newtonian liquid - in other words a liquid which acts like a solid when you hit it. 

Cornflour gloop (a much better name for it when you are one or five!)  is so easy to make, in fact I didn't even make it. I measured the flour into two tubs and added a little colouring to the water and handed over to the boys. 

You need: two cups of cornflour and one cup of water coloured with a little food colouring. I split mine into two and added a different colour to each.

Louka looked on with interest as Leo asked if he could put his hand in the flour, probably not the first question a child should ask when presented with a messy activity.

He then immediately wanted to wash his hands!   Why is he not that bothered when making a cake or eating his dinner?!

They eventually got into it, pouring the coloured water in and mixing the gloop together with their hands. Louka was unsure at first but was laughing at Leo and saying 'yucks'

Leo wasn't entirely enthusiastic and didn't really like the feel of it as it run through his hands but was very interested in it and enjoyed watching me do it, which was kind of missing the point but kept him happy! He did however enjoy putting it all up my legs which I smiled at through gritted teeth so as not to put him off!  

Eventually the colours got mixed together with Leo guessing correctly that it would turn purple, and Louka excitedly shouting 'urple' as it changed.

Leo soon got bored and wandered away but with the addition of a small spatula and toy frying pan Louka sat there scooping and pouring for ages. It was fascinating to watch him with such a serious look on his face.

All in all, it was a success and I'll certainly be on the look out for more ideas, especially while it's still warm and we can do them outside wearing minimal clothing!

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