Sunday, 1 June 2014

Leo, aged five loves....

We've moved on from Thomas the Tank Engine, the obsession I thought would never end, and that has been replaced by superheroes and lego games,  some things never change though he still loves his 'little orange Raff' and we still have to search the house if he's missing at bedtime!


  1. awwww no more Thomas :( that is an end to an era isnt it? but i am pleased (as ith Burton) he still love shis little cuddly friends,
    now i must do Jenson's now you are 3 , as B will have a birthday soon enough x

  2. We're still on Thomas, but he's never been as obsessed as Leo. I think Leo would make an excellent superhero, charging around with his cape flying.

  3. Ahhhh Superheroes replacing Thomas is definitely a sign of growing up isn't it? Charles is the same.
    Bubble parties sound fun! As does jelly and a biscuit after school....I must do that for Charles!

  4. This is such a fab idea! I now feel the need to do a photo like this with all of my son's likes so I never forget what he was like at each age. (this is Lisa @ incidentally - I never know if I'm logged in on the right account on these comment doodahs)


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