Wednesday, 19 March 2014

More than a Cornish pasty (Guest Post)

Devon for foodies

Once upon a time, British food had a pretty poor reputation and the thought of comparing it to the cuisine across the Channel would have brought howls of laughter.

However, with the increasing popularity of celebrity chefs and a newfound appreciation for the great quality home grown produce available across the country, foodies have discovered a real love of British cuisine and nowhere more so than Devon.

Regional produce

With its rolling hills, rich coastline and agricultural history, it’s no wonder that the county produces some of the best fruit, veg, meat and fish in the country, and with its proud culinary tradition, they know exactly what to do with these great ingredients too.

The temperate and wet climate of the county, combined with its fertile soil provides the ideal conditions for dairy farming and in turn produces some of the best dairy produce in the country.

From clotted cream to fudge and ice cream to custard, you can find some of the most indulgent, decadent and delicious dairy products in restaurants, farms and shops across the county.

The environmental conditions in Devon don’t just produce good dairy cows, they also provide the ideal mix for great quality beef and lamb emphasis placed on free-grazing varieties.


If you don’t want to cook your own food during your Devonshire getaway, there are plenty of restaurants only too happy to transform these great quality ingredients into culinary delights for you to sample.

In fact the county is home to a two-Michelin-star restaurant and three one-star establishments, allowing any visitors to Devon to try some of the very best food the UK has to offer.

Great setting

Many of the best restaurants in Devon enjoy spectacular settings in the county’s most picturesque villages, towns and rural areas adding hugely to their ambiance and to the experience of dining at a top establishment.

However, as well as world-class eateries, the Devonshire setting also provides a great backdrop to the many independent, local and community producers that dot the county giving the whole area a great aesthetic and placing food firmly in the forefront of country life.

The great produce and fantastic cuisine of the South West means that foodies are always on the hunt for property for sale inDevon where they can have easy access to some of the most delicious foods and most picturesque settings in the world.  

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