Winter time play time

Just before our household got hit by the winter lurgy last week I took the boys out for a bit of fresh air and we went to have a play in a playground we'd never been to before. Always on the look out for new places to go I'm always excited to see somewhere that looks different when I see my friends in Cyprus put new photos up on facebook and like some mad stalker I often message them to find out where they have discovered!

Hotels are a very common place to visit, especially in summer and we have a mental list of those where non-residents are welcome to use the pool.  We do have a communal pool in our appartment complex but it's nice to use hotel pools when meeting up with others, and they all have baby pools which ours lacks. 

During the winter most hotels are closed and tend to be forgotten but a couple are still good to use for the playgrounds.  

So after finding out where my friend had been after seeing some 'new' playground equipment, the boys and I headed out to discover it ourselves!

We started with the leaves, something you don't get very often due to the 'wrong' type of trees!  The boys loved crunching through them although Leo was not so fascinated by them as his little brother!

There were two play areas, both suitable for Louka (with assistance) which was brilliant as it is so difficult trying to watch Louka and stop him doing something he's not big enough to do when Leo insists on me watching everything!

Big climbing frames, with wide steps rather than ladders. Things to spin and turn and platforms to run about on.  They became fire engines, rocket ships and Super Hero mission control in the time we were there.

Louka is a 'climber' unlike Leo was at that age and has no fear, something that is both good and bad! It's made easier that Leo usually loves to help him and is a lot of help when they are just out of reach.

They both loved the 'twisty slide' I was a little nervous at Louka going down it, at the same age Leo would have hated it and would have surely cried but even though it was fast and the first time Louka slid down on his head he thought it hilarious and went on again and again!

Right next to the playground we found the rather abandoned looking stage and bar area,  of course Leo couldn't resist getting on it and jumping around like a mad thing!

It was a nice little break and Leo loved the fact we had found a 'new' place.  Only problem now is the fact he wants a new place to go every week!

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  1. Oh, I'm envious of the weather! It is lovely to find new play areas isn't it-keeps things fresh but puts the pressure on a little :)

  2. What an adventure for them, how great to discover a new play park and let their imaginations run wild. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids and I hope the winter lurgy moves on quickly from your home.

  3. Great pictures - i love the one of them on the slide together! It's lovely to find new places :)

  4. there is nothing like an abandoned stage to really let your hair down! lol xx


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