Facebook Flashback Friday

With Facebook celebrating it's 10th anniversary this week and the floods of 'Lookback videos' doing the rounds I can't believe I didn't think of it for my Flashback Friday!

Jenny did though and as soon as I saw the title of her blog post I knew I HAD to do the same!

I joined Facebook in 2007, the year it seems it became popular according to most of the videos I've watched. I had no idea what it was but I was invited by a friend of mine who I was friends with on Myspace.   (I'd used Myspace for a while and liked it but now I'm now really sure what I used it for!)

I remember my first two facebook friends and loved reading their profile and witty status updates. One of them still has their original 'About me'

"Owner of lions, fine art, the secret of time travel and an over active imagination"

the other was something about tights and custard creams!

At first there was not many people I knew on there but gradually they appeared and I suddenly found a few old friends I'd lost touch with whilst changing jobs or leaving school and then I was hooked!

I exchanged some lovely emails with some people I'd once been very close to and enjoyed looking at their photos of what they were up to now, I'm naturally a nosy cow and it was fab to see these snapshots of their new lives and to see that a couple had even married their boyfriends from back in the early days!

People I knew were joining up to facebook in droves and I loved the fact we could be in contact online where we never had been before. I posted a load of old photos going right back to nursery school and loved all the comments and reactions from the people in them.   I didn't realise however that their friends would be able to also see them once they were tagged as I found out when a male friend was not so impressed about some drunken photo's I'd posted that his boss saw - oops!

Looking back at the photos I posted that year, with the exception of the old ones. they are nearly all drunken nights out, parties, or fancy dress.  I think I will be forever glad that we did not have smart phones then and the ability to upload straight to facebook without having to look through them the following day!
My 30th birthday party, one of many we went to in 2007
Just the two of us - Antigua 2006

I started spending more time on there once I was on maternity leave, spending hours playing Bejeweled Blitz and I was really pleased to announce Leo's birth (after text messages to a few people first!)   I still have a print out of all the lovely messages and congratulations we received.

and then there were three

Once we moved to Cyprus it really came into it's own and I truly became a facebook addict!  It's my one link to my 'old' life I guess but its also helped me so much in my new one.

It's the easiest way to share photos and info with family in the UK and I love to see the updates and bits of news. (although I'd love it more if my best friends would get on there!)

It's also been a great way of getting to know people here in Cyprus, much easier to send someone a friend request than to ask for their phone number!

It's amazing to think how much has changed since my early facebook days,   from the carefree dancing, drinking days through the 'ohmygod we're having a baby / moving to Cyprus / we're having another baby!

Carefree days on the boat in 2007

I love to look back over the photos and the updates,   love it or hate it facebook contains a huge portion of my life!

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