Braving the beach!

It appears that I'm not naturally an 'outdoorsy' person, although I do love to go out (assuming it's not too cold, wet or windy!) once you factor the boys into the equation and the stuff you have to take with you, the best time to go avoiding naps to ensure a happier baby, the decision of where to go - can I push a buggy there, will they walk that far, will I have to carry a very heavy toddler,  etc etc, I often come to the conclusion that staying put is far easier.

I'm realise that is rubbish, and I often 'waste' the fact I live in the ideal place to be outdoors.  I know that everyone else seems to manage ok with 2 or more kids or various ages and they make it look so easy!

This year I WILL get out more. I went from Leo being difficult to heavily pregnant just as he got a little easier to control, then back into buggies and then the very high summer temperatures and then the crawling stage.

It's slowly getting easier, now Louka can walk as he hates to be stuck in the buggy and when he was crawling it limited where we could go.

I forced myself to take the boys to the beach last weekend, convincing myself I didn't care that the sand gets everywhere, and Louka runs away in the wrong direction and then lays on the floor and cries when you try and stop him.  I love the beach in theory, but I find it so much more exhausting than playgrounds or swimming pools, I have no idea why that is!

They had fun though, and I even I did briefly, we managed almost a couple of hours until Louka decided to throw himself face down in the sand as I tried to stop him running away.

My Mum was with us, so that helped as I was on 'Louka watch' while she made castles and roads with Leo and stopped Leo going crazy as Louka instantly demolished everything he did!

Louka spent a long time with a bucket and spade slowly putting sand in his bucket before tipping it over himself.  He tried to eat it several times and poured it over his head but didn't seem overly bothered by it!

We lasted about an hour until Louka let us know he had had enough, we got the message when he laid face down crying in the sand!

Never mind, assuming the weather is the same we've arranged to go with a couple of friends next week and take a picnic, always safety in numbers!

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  1. i am so jealpus of your visit to the beach as i have been wanting to go for a couple of weekends but the weather is so awful here at the moment. it does help having another grown up on hand doesn't it - makes it less stressful. good for you for making the effort as they both look like they had a great time (bar the falling over in the sand lol) and sunshine too - lovely x x

  2. Our country kids is a nice beachy one too! I know what you mean about having to take so much into consideration when you go out with them while they are young. I remember trying to balance naps and whether to take the pushchair debate. We got a baby carrier which worked well for us on walks outdoors. So glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

  3. Safety in numbers is the way to go, with other children to play with and copy and more adult eyes and hands to help I'm sure you will all have a great time next week. I envy your blue sky and warmer weather as we've had so much rain in the uk recently. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.


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