Monday, 20 January 2014

Kids Fun in Cyprus

Today I am playing host to Laura, a fellow Cyprus blogger, otherwise known as 'Izzy the Cypriot lizzard'

'Kids Have Fun in Cyprus' is written by a Mum of three kids, she started blogging due to her love of writing and travelling. They love to find new places to go, long walks, free playgrounds and spending as much time together having fun as they can.

She hates to see so many places deserted and uncared for and hopes that the people will try to create more places for the children and bring more creativity and arts for the adults of the future.

I'll hand you over...

Huge Kids Choices

We live in a period were we can make lots of choices regarding how to raise our kids. From the beginning we start programming our children’s life. Choosing a kindergarten, before they are born, then deciding about the school, the language they will study, the sports they will play, the places they will visit and most important the other kids they will see. We are present everyday from the start, making all the choices for them, from the beginning until they will be able to start asking... and then we will still be there explaining that our choices are better.

Is it simple at the beginning, I like pink, my little girl she will copy and says she likes pink. I like ballet she will see and say the same. We are there choosing from so many offers some of these more expensive then others. Going to football? Or trying karate? What to do?

I like to imagine that every parent has some good or bad experiences from their own childhood. I, for example I still remember that my mother did not let me go to gymnastic lessons saying they are very expensive. I still regret it.

So how we do it? Do we see an advertisement about some classes and if they met our schedule, our budget, and our proximity we will choose to go? Do we strongly believe they will help our kids developing in a certain way or we think they will need this in a certain time in their life?

It is impressive if we are just stopping for a second to imagine how our choices can change and influence our children’s life. There are kids which are ice skating since two years old, or playing the violin since three, so many kids guided by their parents choices. Are these good ones or bad?

Sometimes even we as parents are limited by our own small experience in sports or music and we do not think that it can be more. We can create an environment to help the kids choosing and building a life career out of these choices.

Maybe we should all think that there should be some important targets that every kid should meet. A target will keep them from going on the wrong direction when they will be teenagers. Like making a sport, learning a foreign language, playing an instrument, and being an artist. I believe that no child should miss any of these steps.

How to take the right decision?

We should expose our kids to them. No trying all of them! Just experience. We should take our children to the sports hall. Let them see what others are doing. How you can play volley, how you can ride a horse, how you can play cricket… so many thinks to see, to experience. Taking your child to a concert, show him the instruments, show him how other kids are learning to play at any instrument.

Expose your child to experiences.

It is the first most important step.

Let’s try giving them the right to choose from the true experience. Let’s give them a chance to be different… to choose to be something else then what everybody is! Their life is in our hands we should be able to give them the proper choices!

For lots of ideas and places to go, make sure you follow 'Kids Fun in Cyprus' blog and you can also find them on their facebook page. 

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