Friday, 17 January 2014

Flashback Friday - 15 months old

Guess who??

Aaron is always saying how similar the boys look but I struggle to see it, looking at Leo now with his short dark blonde hair it's easy to forget how different he looks now compared to his toddler days.

I know the photos are of Leo, but I do wonder if presented with a photo I'd never seen before could I be confused?  If you dressed Louka in one of Leo's old outfits I think I might be!

I'm always saying I'm glad I have my blog to look back on at things I've done, but I was quite surprised how little there was about Leo and I in the early days of blogging, what did make me smile though was looking back into the archives for a post written about Leo at the age that Louka is now (15 months) and all I came up with was 'What's the secret to Sleep?' 

Some things never change do they!


  1. I think this is how I remember Leo when I first started reading your blog. Adorable.

  2. the first photo is Leo too isnt it? I dont see that they look that alike but i guess maybe a little . Sometimes people tell me how much Burton and Jenson look but i do not see it at all! i am off to look at the sleeping post - maybe they are more alike afterall lol x
    thanks for linking up x


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