Our Cyprus Christmases - Flashback Friday

Four years ago Aaron, Leo and I were settling into to our new home, having been in Cyprus for almost 2 weeks. Christmas was coming and we'd hardly finished unpacking before the decorations went up in our apartment. It was a strange Christmas that year, we'd left all our family and friends and were yet to meet many people here, it was Leo's first Christmas but of course he had no idea what was going on and we'd just left a country where Christmas was in full swing to arrive in one where it appeared to be non-existent.
2009, Leo's first Christmas

Despite that we did have a nice time, and looking back I like the fact that our first family Christmas was together and simple, I was not worried about how it went, I think I was still in a state of shock at the fact I was now living in Cyprus!

How did Santa find us in Cyprus?

In 2010, I was not feeling very festive, I spent most of December feeling that something was missing and even the decorations looked strange to me! For someone who loves Christmas as much as me it was very odd that it took me until the 21st to feel festive according to this blog post! I'd even considered not having a tree!

Christmas 2010

I've always said that 'Christmas is not just a day, it's a season'  (partly to wind Aaron up, and partly because it says so in the song) and I felt that there was no build up, I'm wondering now if there was but I just missed it somehow! We did have a lovely day though, with dinner at our friends (the first time I've ever been somewhere other than home for Christmas day) and Boxing day spent with them too. 

Leo, Christmas 2010

2011 saw the arrival of my parents in March so I guess that made Christmas feel a bit more 'like it used to' although I had just found out I was pregnant and spent most of the time in shock, whilst watching everyone else drink the booze I'd just stocked up on before finding out!

Christmas in Agia Napa Cyprus
Waving to Santa in 2011

Last year, I feel it all started to change though.
Loukas had arrived, Leo was 3 and there suddenly seemed a lot more happening in Cyprus, or more likely it was that Leo appreciated the events a little more.  From the lights switch on in Agia Napa, to his school fete, Christmas show, trips to see Santa and the Christmas Avenue there was plenty to keep us busy and in a festive mood. 

Deryniea Christmas Avenue
Christmas 2012

This year when we went to see the Agia Napa lights, I had a real moment where I realised a big change had occurred.  As we approached the square with the music playing and crowds of people, I turned to my Dad and said 'Yep, NOW its Christmas' 

Four years of doing the same thing each year, with Aaron, Leo and now Loukas and my parents and that moment it seemed to me that Christmas had begun. 

Christmas in the sun?  No longer a problem!

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  1. Love this post. It's about Christmas specifically but it also shows how it takes a few years to really feel at home in new country and not miss everything about the old country so desperately.

  2. What a wonderful flashback about the Christmas's you have had since Leo was born . Deciding to move so far away just before xmas may not have been the best thing - bit lonely unless you were glad to have the peace and quiet of course! so brave to move abroad with a 6 month old. But i love how much you have settled into Cypriot life and i still think it must be odd to celebrate xmas in warm weather! i enjoyed reading this Emma and seeing all your photos. thank you for linking up x x

  3. Thanks for joining up to this week's Sunday Traveler and including this great post. Please try to include the Sunday Traveler badge on the post to give credit to everyone in the link-up and so that everyone else knows that this is part of the linky.

  4. I tried to add the badge but it wouldn't show up?

  5. I agree it does take a few years before you get used to Christmas in a different place. I still miss things about a UK Christmas, but we've been here long enough now to make our own traditions.

  6. Thanks so very much for linking up with me this week for #SundayTraveler It's good to know it takes some time, but then you get used to celebrating in a new place. I am a little nervous about my first one here this year. Merry Christmas from Croatia to you and your family. (Also I pinned this to my #SundayTraveler board)

  7. Thanks for linking up with us this week! Love this post. I'm wondering how I'm going to adjust to Christmas away next year as it will be my first year traveling.

  8. A warm Christmas is such a strange concept to me. I can fully understand why you wouldn't feel the Christmas-y mood. I would be searching for the cold as well!

  9. Moving to another country is enough of an adjustment without combining it with a holiday! I'm glad it's become easier for you.


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