Our Cyprus Christmas celebrations so far...

Christmas is coming and preparations are in full swing in our household,We have a simple uncomplicated Christmas so although I'm not rushing round the shops like a nutter I like to create my own festive build up. 

The festivities started with a Traditional Christmas Market in Pyla, orgainised by 'Just So Crafty'. Leo saw Santa and for the first time sat with him and spoke to him quite happily without me holding his hand.  He was a bit confused as he left holding his little present telling me sadly that it wasn't what he'd asked him for, but was quite happy when I explained that it was just a little 'pre-Christmas' gift!

Christmas market Pyla, Cyprus

The following day was the switching on of the Christmas lights in Agia Napa, we've been every year that we've lived here and this year it really felt as if Christmas had arrived when we were there. 

Agia Napa Christmas lights Cyprus

It was a busy weekend as on the Sunday was Leo's school farye and another good afternoon.  Leo did very well singing with his class on stage and enjoyed getting to meet Agios Vassilis, (Father Christmas in Greek)  I love the fact that he knew to speak to him in Greek whereas the previous Santa he spoke to in English!
Agios Vassilis in Cyprus

The Big Red Bus was there again and that was enjoyed by us all, even Loukas got to come on this year too.! Leo was very brave and even enjoyed a pony ride where as last year he cried to come off!  

Christmas donkey ride

We were on a roll after our big festive start to the month and made our annual visit to the primary school on the British Army base. The differences between the two schools never fails to amaze me and I love my little peak at England each year!

The main focus for Leo this month had been practicing for his school play which was this Tuesday. Leo was the first 'wise man' and I couldn't have been prouder of him. He remembered all his (Greek) lines and played the part perfectly. He almost lost his voice at the end as he was shouting so much during the last two songs - they tell the children to shout as loud as they can and he was desperate to do his best!

Still to come we have a Christmas party at a local pub tomorrow,dinner with friends on Sunday and best of all a visit from Aaron's mum and nephew who are coming from England for 5 days.

I've been in full on baking mode this week with Mince pies, chocolate shortbread, truffles, coconut ice and more all ready for gifts and family treats. Presents are mainly wrapped and decorations are up, and the letters from 'Santa's Cyprus Postbox' have all been distributed, so now I intend to relax and enjoy it!


  1. Sounds like you've been really busy! I love the Christmas shows. My son was an inn keeper in his nativity. It's great seeing all the kids singing and enjoying putting on a show for the parents.

  2. wow you have been busy getting festive!! I love it! you and I are so alike Emma lol :) and how well did Leo do in his school play? To think that what 18 months ago he probably couldnt speak any Greek and now he has a leading role in his school performance! amazing and very well done x x
    thank you for linking up


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