Imagination - Nature or Nurture?

Do children have to be taught 'how' to play?, or is it something that evolves naturally?

Imagination has never been my strong point and I was forever bugging my Mum by saying I was bored and asking her what I could do. I was never one to play for hours with a box or be creative. I enjoyed my Sindy dolls except after spending an age setting up the house and dressing them all I'd sit staring blankly at them not knowing what they should do next.

Leo seems to be heading the same way, at home he is happiest playing the Wii but take him off it and he doesn't seem to know what to do, and I'm struggling to help him.

We build tracks but he loses interest as soon as they are built unless I tell him what 'emergencies' are happening or what jobs the engines need to do.

He loves to paint but he doesn't know what to paint unless I tell him,

He likes to make stuff but unless I see an idea on pinterest I don't know what to suggest, he then wants to watch me do it.

He wants help with everything, 'you glue that Mummy, you draw it, you build it' - is that a normal four year old response or have I taken over too much in the past?

I've seen many blogs posting about 'An invitation to play' and in the absence of me having an original idea of my own it seems like a good place to start. Taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogger friends it's something I'm going to aim for in the New Year.

I know it works as I found out back in the summer with our 'Pirate themed Ice play, I'm not quite up to the pinterest ideals of coloured rice and fake snow but I'm thinking we can start with some themed toys and a couple of suggestions to get him going.

I've never been big on New Year resolutions but I need to get him away from the TV and back to playing next year, and yes I also need to step away from the laptop, and phone, and tablet.....  I realise where the problem may have arisen!

I will do my best to leave the excuses behind, and get on with it.

Now, if we can just overcome the big bundle of chaos that is the little brother, or come up things for both of them to do together which doesn't trash the place, make them fight or give me a nervous breakdown that would be brilliant!

What about your children, do you have to 'invite' them to play or do they run away with their own imagination?

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  1. i dont do invitations to play as such - i might tell them to go and play though lol. I think it is a great resolution for next year to step away from the TV and computers, i need to do the same too as Jenson tends to watch a bit too much sometimes when I am busy cleaning or preparing dinner and he takes himself off to watch it! I need to plan my days better although we do go out more to the park and the like.
    good luck though i think it is something that Leo will adore especially as it is something his mummy has organised for him x x


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