Boxing Day at the Beach

I've often heard of many people going for a Boxing day stroll, getting out the house for a bit, walking off the excess chocolates, and as a child I always enjoyed going out with my Dad to walk the dogs. As I got older and without the NEED to go out due to dogs I've always given it up in favour of the sofa.

It turns out I'm really really not an 'outdoorsy' person and I'm in awe of the fab bloggers who join in with Coombe Mill's Country Kids link up week after week. I hang my head in shame that we are not out half as much and I'm often heard to say it's too cold / windy / might rain, 

Boxing day morning looked a bit grim and very windy and I cursed the fact that we'd arranged to meet some friends for a walk but Leo was excited so we went ahead anyway. 

Here is a good reason why I should always do that....

By the time we'd got to Protaras the sun had broken through and the wind had died down!

The waves were quite lively and we should have known better once the boys started playing at the waters edge and taken shoes and socks off BEFORE they got wet!

Leo and his friend loved it and I was very surprised that Leo was reasonably happy to all the way back along the path without his soggy sandy shoes on.  They were soon stripped down to their tops and pants and must have been freezing but they seemed quite happy - we should have just done that in the first place!

For once I did feel better having gone out, rather than even more tired and harassed than usual, could be due to the fact that Louka never left the buggy as he was sleepy though!

We've only been to the beach a handful of times in 2013 so looks like this has to change!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Leo has grown up so much. Wishing you a wonderful 2014. xxx

  2. It can be very tempting to think of several reasons not to go out, especially in the Winter, but every time we go we always cone home feeling better and refreshed. I'm glad you enjoyed your Boxing Day walk by the sea, I would love to be nearer the sea :)

  3. Great pictures, we love going to the beach in the winter, but don't often get the chance

  4. Chasing the waves is great fun! hope you make it to the beach more often #countrykids

  5. What a sweet little video - they had so much fun being chased by the waves! Both myself and other bloggers on #countrykids comment that it's half the battle to get out and about but once you do it's refreshing and worthwhile. Here's to more fun outdoors (and especially on that beautiful beach) in 2014. Thanks for linking and sharing your fun.

  6. As Fiona says, half the battle is getting out, but I (almost!) always find it's worth it :) Gorgeous beach photos, I love the beach in the winter. #CountryKids

  7. I love going to the beach and this really reminds me about what fun it is.

  8. see going to your beach cannot be as cold as if we visited the one near us on boxing day!!! lol looks like Leo had a great time and it helps him to burn off some energy which is a good thing in my opinion!! Thats the thing even if i dont feel like going out i know the boys love it and it does do us all good x x


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