Sunday, 22 December 2013

365 Project - Week 51

Just one week to go.... and he said I'd manage 2 weeks!

A Christmassy day out at the maze - after fab days out for Easter and Halloween we couldn't resist a Christmas themed one!   This time we searched for decorations in the maze, and found reindeer hiding in the herb garden with Christmas messages, as well as the secret keys with a letter on each which spelled a word.

Agios Vassilis (Santa) came to school!  All the children had their photo taken with him and received a lovely mug, personalised with their name and school year on it.

Leo received his letter and 'good' certificate via 'Santa's Cyprus Postbox', he loved it (although was not too impressed to be made to pose for a photo!) and has proudly stuck his certificate on his bedroom door!

Struggling now on Day 352 of the year and resorting to late night photos of the most interesting thing I can see in the room!

Leo loving a piggy back ride from his big cousin during their flying visit to Cyprus.

Cuddles with Mardi (Aaron's Mum) who was here for 4 days with Aaron's nephew.

'It's a cracker' - Leo was laughing his head of at the cracker jokes during our pre-Christmas family dinner.

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