365 Project - Week 49

Leo's school fair and a big difference from last year.  He hated the pony ride then but this year he asked to have a go and really enjoyed it.

Louka, surprisingly loves the reindeer antlers and keeps trying to put them on at every opportunity.

Leo trying to teach Louka 'Yiamas' / 'Cheers'

Not sure if Leo is being affectionate or trying to stop him from doing something!

Dusk over Varosha, taken from our balcony

'Anything interesting happening down there?'

Time for a rest Louka?

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  1. I've yet to persuade H to get on a horse, so well done on that.

  2. lovely to see photo with both boys in - they look liek they get along so well and you can see how much Louka loves having his big brother play with him.loving the antlers! cute. x


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