Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Gallery - A Younger me

This is the younger me....

It's certainly the younger me - taken after my 30th birthday party when 2 of my friends who were sleeping the night at our house and we decided to carry on the party when we got home.

The younger me, who went out drinking and didn't worry how bad her head would be in the morning or how many times she would have to get up in the night.

Who could spend the whole day on the sofa watching tv or sleeping or having a 2 hour bath. (ok I never did that but I could have!)

Who could wear heels and not only walk but also dance (well kind of!)

Who had just lost 4 stone and was looking and feeling better than ever before.

Who sat staring at her birthday cards unable to believe she had just turned 30 and felt old.

Who still used to celebrate her birthdays in style.

Who lived in England

Who had a few best friends that she could never imagine being out of close contact with.

Who could never have imagined what the next few years were going to be like.

Wow,   where did she go?

Not the most beautiful of photos admittedly (my Mum was never a fan of it) but I love it, considering the time of night/morning it was taken and the fact I am in pyjamas doing a silly drunken pose I think it's a good one - it's certainly a long ago 'moment in time'

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  1. Like your post. You can always be young at heart, memories will keep you young.

  2. Loving the can of fosters in hand! I can see why your mum doesn't like it but it certainly depicts and young, care-free individual (if a little worse for wear!).

  3. you look young and free and I am sure we all have pictures like that. You still look very glam

  4. that is some pose you are pulling there Emma lol sexy!! ha ha. i agree that i can understand why your mum would not like the pic but like you i think it is great because it sums up you at that time - and as you also say where has that person gone? I feel like that when i see pics of myself from 10 years or more ago too.
    you look a bit Spice Girl esq lol x


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