Friday, 8 November 2013

Flashback Friday - The boys

So many people say that Louka is a mini Leo and while I didn't dispute the fact they looked very similar I didn't think they were that close in looks at the same age. Maybe it's because I know my photos so well and I can tell straight away who it is by the background, or maybe it's like having twins - you just know which is which.

After thinking we would probably only have one child, it's strange doing it all again, the same yet different. There were many things that I'd thought Id do differently with hindsight when I used to look back on Leo's early years but 'they' are right no two children are exactly the same and therefore there is still something new all the time!

Regardless of looks I do see so many similar character traits starting to develop in Louka but also hints of differences and I'm intrigued to see what they are both like as they grow up. Their relationships is great, and I find that fascinating to watch having grown up as an only child. Louka adores Leo and tries to copy everything he does, which isn't always good!

At the age of one, Leo was a mad, noisy little thing just like Louka. He wouldn't sit still for five seconds and was into anything and everything, he didn't like to be in his buggy, he still woke in the night and he had us in fits of laughter at the funny noises he made and things he did. 

Louka is just the same, which kind of surprised me. I may have been being optimistic but I was expecting a chilled quiet baby who slept well, and fitted into any situation, I'm not sure what happened but that's what I ordered!

There are differences, Louka if possible seems a bit more crazy.   Walking much earlier and climbing anything he can find.  He also seems to have a much higher pain threshold, usually not being hat bothered about falling over when walking or having a little bump into something (or by his big brother!) He dances any time there is a hint of music, something that Leo did too but not until much later, I guess having an older brother plus his friends around gives you more of an incentive to do these things!

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  1. They are both very gorgeous. It is lovely to see how children are the same and how they are different isn't it. I never realised how much mine were the same until we dug out old photos.

  2. oh i know what you mean. Jenson has grown uo much more quickly being the younger brother anc copying Burton in everything!!! i dont think they look a liuke at all and they are different in personalitites also BUT they are most def boys through and through although Jenson does like handbags,wearing mummy's tops as dresses and my creams lol
    gorgeous boys you have though and maybe they will chill out as they get older x x
    thanks for linkign up x


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