Saturday, 30 November 2013

365 Project - Week 48

Sleepy boy

Another beach path walk, it's a great time of year for it.

Leo's first visit to Santa where I haven't had to sit with him, He loved talking to him and getting his present but looked all sad when we came out, I asked him why and he said but Santa didn't give me what I'd asked for?   So cute!  He was quite relived when I explained that he doesn't bring the proper presents until Christmas.

Christmas lights switch on in Agia Napa, I love that the festive season starts now - not October or early November, no huge over commercialized run up here!

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  1. It's lovely when they start enjoying Santa visits. I agree now is fine to start the Christmas stuff, but no earlier.

  2. Look how tall Louka looks next to Leo - what a big boy suddeenly. and bless Leo not getting what he asked for from FC - i recall B saying this to me last year at a xmas party! x

  3. aww loving the Christmas lights x


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