Saturday, 23 November 2013

365 Project - Week 47

Cuddles with Nana and Grandad

My little business goes live!  Santa's Cyprus Postbox is up and running this week.

Leo makes cakes as 'Child of the week' for all his class at school. He also takes in some toys, a book and a DVD to share with them for the week, and some photos to tell them about.  

A spot of bear wrestling!

A proper night out on Thursday with the girls, and a surprise cake for our friend's birthday.  I wore proper heels for the first time in about 4 years, drank far to much, and generally had a very good time!


Leo's first Pantomime, he was a bit restless during it but at the end he said he loved every minute!

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  1. chocolate always results in a messy face doesn't it and thats just mine ha ha
    bear wrestlign looks like a lot of fun x

  2. so pleased you had such a fantastic time with for your friends birthday x


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