Friday, 25 October 2013

Banbao Building blocks review and giveaway (Cyprus Only)

Recently at a Kids Fun Day held at a local Garden Centre we discovered Banbao bricks. They had a display of some of their sets to buy but also a table set up with various sets for the children to play with. Leo was really taken by them and did well putting them together considering he has only owned big 'Mega Blocks' before. He was fascinated by the Double Bus set.

I was really impressed with the range of sets on offer, and more importantly (especially for Cyprus!) was impressed at the prices. 

They range in price from just €1.25 making them ideal for presents or even an occasional treat, so I didn't mind when Leo asked to put them on his 'note for Santa'.

After meeting with them we were given the chance to review one of their top selling items, the Banbao Invincibility Car Racer.

Leo was very excited to go and collect it from 'Garden Plus' (one of the sales outlets for Banbao) but obviously came to the conclusion that it was a 'Daddy activity' as he wanted to wait until the evening to build it when Aaron got home from work!

With 182 pieces and priced at €5 it's certainly good value for money. 

The construction started well, with Aaron showing Leo the instructions and Leo sorting through the pieces to find the bits they needed, although it soon turned out that Leo couldn't really get the pieces together (he seems to have inherited his patience from me and gives up very quickly with 'crafty/ building type things!) 

They powered on through as even though Aaron was building he still loved helping and was over the moon with his finished car.

The added bonus is the fact that the Banbao race cars have a pull back action so they do actually race!
He even managed to crash it into the wall without complete collapse which I thought was impressive!

On asking Aaron's opinion he told me that he thought the recommended age of 4+  was maybe a bit optimistic as it was a very complicated vehicle, and he even struggled a little!

Leo (conveniently forgetting that Daddy built it) disagreed and said it was 'awesome'

I think that although it was too hard for Leo to build on his own it would be great for a slightly older child, but Leo loved 'building' it with Daddy so it was still a winner!

Banbao have kindly offered another one of their racing car sets, also from the Turbo Power series - the 108 piece Buggy Racer to giveaway to one lucky reader.

To enter just fill in the 'Rafflecopter' form below.

Sorry - CYPRUS entrants only please though.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Banbao products are available online at Grand eMALL and can be ordered online without having to pay in advance to collect from several locations in Cyprus.

You can find them also on Facebook  - Banbao Cyprus and see the full range of products at

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