Sunday, 20 October 2013

365 Project - week 42

285 - Leo loves 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates at the moment so when invited to a 'Pirates and Princesses' party I raided his wardrobe and came up with this creation, he loved it!
I also dressed Louka as 'Cubby' and myself as 'Izzy'!

286 - Colouring time

287 -  Not the best photo, but I realised it was the only one I took all day!

288 - Swingball - a bargain buy from the market and a whole lot of laughs as Leo kept getting hit in the side of the head with the ball, luckily he found it quite funny!

289 -  'Ammochostas Then and Now'  - a display by the children of Leo's school showing the city of Varosha which is closed off to everyone since the Turkish invasion in 1974

290 - One of those 'late night 'I forgot to take any photos' type photo today - my week old birthday balloons.

291 - "Ah yes, this is the one I was looking for" - I'm pleased that he love his books, but does he really have to take them ALL out every time!

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  1. Louka looks so big in the book photo. my two have always been like that whenever they get books out to look at. My two went to a Pincesses and Pirates party and i made some last minute costumes this morning - your effort is fab Em x

  2. OMG swingball i used to love that so so much, although i was pretty rubbish at it! x

  3. we loved swingball, we just had to make sure kids not standing to close to get it wrapped round their neck. ooohhhh books, yes 1 or 2 at a time would be enough. Like the school project, never heard of the place, but went and googled it.


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