Sunday, 6 October 2013

365 Project - week 40

272 - Taking Nana for a walk in the sea

273 - Leo's painting on the wall at school.  (The writing says 'I love school')

274 - Cooler and sometimes darker mornings now on the school run.  Leo actually asked to wear a coat today - never mind that the temperature was 30 degrees just an hour or so later!

275 - Louka was more interested in taking the crayons out of the pack and putting them back than doing any colouring!

276 - Painting a tree, we drew round his hand and arm and he painted that brown for the tree trunk.  I suggested the colours for the leaves and he wanted blue - I questioned the choice and he sighed and said 'Stop telling me what to do all the time'!   Blue leaves it was then!

277 - Not the best photo by far but  I love it as it was taken at our friends wedding. It's been a long time since Aaron and I have been out and it was lovely to see so many people we've not seen for ages.

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  1. Wow Emma, Leo's painting is amazing! I really ought to let Burton paint he is really into his drawing at the moment but i am always worried about the mess! and i laughed at the stop telling me what to do convo ha ha! and doesnt Louka look big paddling there? x

  2. Leo's painting is amazing and that sea looks so inviting.
    Bet it was great to get out and about - the bride looks stunning

  3. what a great week, i love the light through the clouds x

  4. what a fantastic week my fave shot is of taking grandma for a walk in the sea. It looks like she was going if she liked it or not! xx

  5. What a great wedding frock. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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