Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer days, drifting away

I've been feeling a little envious of all the lovely things people in the UK have been getting up to during the summer holidays, which seems absolutely ridiculous given that once I'd have spent every waking moment wishing I could be by a pool, who'd have thought I'd ever want anything more than that!

I was worried about the summer, it seemed like I was the only one of my group of friends whose child was off for the nearly three months as the others were still in private nursery which only closes for one week in August. I may have moaned a little about this too - sorry to anyone who knows me!

Before the summer holidays I decided to get organised and I created a kind of summer bucket list and called it 'Summer Dreams' the idea was to give us (well, me as I didn't tell Leo about it knowing he would want to do it all at once!) something to look forward to and some sort of plan to what seemed like endless weeks of scorching temperatures.

In the end I pretty much abandoned the list, or at least the plans of blogging about it all!   My goal became to survive the holidays and have us all in one piece at the end - if we had fun along the way that was going to be even better!

We actually only managed 8 things off the list of 24 and I blogged  only a couple of those which is a bit rubbish but when it came to it I either just wimped out of dealing with the two boys in the heat with buggy, toddling baby, and often over tired and over hot 4 year old  or just didn't have the money to do some things I'd have liked.

Of course there were many other things we did, from playing with ice, pool and park trips with friends, a walk round the harbour, Sunday night boys night with Daddy, 'bubble discos'  Loukas birthday,  days out with my parents and lots and lots of playing on the wii.

But, you know what - it's not been a bad 3 months in total, there has been plenty of tears and tantrums and a whole lot of staying at home but when I told Leo it was almost time to go back to school he looked sad and said 'But I want to stay at home, it's fun at home'  so it can't have been all bad!

In some ways I feel I've wasted the summer, but I'm looking forward to a drop in temperature soon (please?!) and then we are making up for it - just need to break it to Aaron who may be looking forward to getting reacquainted with the sofa during winter!

Anyway, who says summer stops here?   School may be starting but it ends at 1pm every day and we still have two months of sun so I'm not packing away our beach stuff yet!

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  1. I had a similar experience with the plans being abandoned because we were happy just hanging out a lot of the time. The plans were more to stop me panicking about the thought of no school for so may weeks. The summer holidays are largely wasted here because it's too hot to do much. I'm also looking forward to the cooler weather in a few weeks - although this summer wasn't as hot as some previous summers have been.

  2. i think you did well to manage in such temperatures i struggled for those 2 weeks back in July when it was heat wave over here and we had the pool out (that seems ages a go now!) but it was still far too hot for me! it has been a great summer this year over here and its not often you can say that about the UK - it is still hot and sunny now!
    it will be easier next summer when Louka is walking more I am sure. I know what you mean abiot the money thing - a lot of things i wanted to do i couldnt due to lack of funds. but you dont need much money - just love and each other and you guts have lots of that x x x
    thanks for linking up

  3. gosh another few months of the sun that would be heaven x

  4. I think I'd be at the pool every day in that heat lol. We abandon all summer plans when the nice weather was here and just stayed in the pool.

  5. I was going to make a list but summer got in the way. Glad to hear someone being so positive and hope you enjoy the rest of the sun.


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