Radical Reward Charts - Review

I've always loved the idea of reward charts even before having children, I don't remember having one myself - I guess because I was such a model child (Sits back and waits for my Mum to comment!)

We used one with Leo when he was potty training which worked brilliantly but since then despite probably needing to I'd never got round to it. Over the summer I used a homemade chart which worked well but has been put away for a while since it lost impact but I missed having something to help me (and Leo) work towards something. 

When I was offered a chart from Radical Reward Charts to review I jumped at the chance to get back into it when school started again thinking I would probably be needing a bit of help getting him back into a routine.   

Radical Reward Charts have six charts to choose from, colourful and interesting and with the added option of being able to personalise them with a photo of your child.

Being unsure as to how Leo would take to going back to school I decided to wait until his first day to use the chart, Radical Reward Charts come with advice on how to use them including getting them started with early rewards.  I decided to reward every 5 places, moving him up if he gets ready for school nicely without me losing my mind!

In theory, this means he 'should' be getting a reward each weekend, which will be simple treats like a trip to the park or staying up late to play with Daddy, working up to a day out when he reaches No. 20.

There are 6 designs - Wacky Wildlife, Reedy River, Gruesome Graveyard, 'Orrible Ocean, Grungy Garden and Creepy Crawlies.

Leo was interested when I showed him the charts we'd been sent but I don't think they really appealed to him, as he was not as excited as I'd have imagined. I'd like to see more of a range of designs, especially more of a 'girlie' option. (and personally I couldn't use 'Orrible ocean due to my dislike of things not being written properly!)

Radical Reward charts are £14 which includes a laminated photo of your child if you wish to supply one. They are 30cm wide and 84cm tall so they have a bit more impact than the A4 homemade charts I've used in the past!   I think they are a little expensive for what they are, but if you get a well behaved child as a result then it's money well spent, and of course the charts can be used again and again.

Radical Reward Charts are available to buy on Amazon, or via their website. 

I received two charts for the purpose of this review.


  1. How do you move up the chart? And can you re-use them? I remember star charts at my primary school for various things and DD loved it when we did one for cleaning her teeth twice a day for a week (hmmm we should do that one again methinks). Shame they don't have anything girlie - DD is into fairies and princesses atm but she's not turn her nose up at flowers or hearts.


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