Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Back to School in Cyprus

After the long summer holiday - (I still can't get over how long they have here, even though I've decided that I like it!) last week was back to school for the children of Cyprus. Most of the Mum's I know here had at least one child changing schools this year as our 4 year olds join the 'Prodimodiki' (pre- primary) class.

It's all very confusing for us non-Greek speaking expat Mums but we slowly seem to be figuring it out. After much confusion I think I've established that Leo will do two years of Prodimodiki, this first one being optional and next years being compulsory as preparation or proper primary school. 

It turns out that I could have left Leo in the same class as last year (although without the friends he'd made) which I didn't realise until they rang me in the first week of September to tell me the starting date.   I was briefly confused as the what to do even more so as they needed to know straight away but the lady very helpful and had asked the opinion of his old teacher who said he was 'very clever and had no problem with the language' so they advised moving him up with the 5 year olds  - A very proud moment for me!

Obviously I didn't tell Leo about the option of staying with his old teacher who he loved having decided that it would be best for him to move and be at the same level as his friends, instead I told him that the school had rang and said he was able to go to the big class as he was big enough and had been very clever learning his Greek and that I was very proud of him. 

I then had a phone call from his new teacher introducing herself and telling me which classroom he was to be in, a nice touch I thought - even though it would be nice to know the back to school date a little more than a week in advance!

Although Leo was not changing school so had less upheaval than my friends children I was still very nervous as to how he would get on, especially as over the last few days of the holidays he became very clingy and upset saying he wanted to stay with me all the time. 

After a big chat with Aaron (he always seems to do better with the 'chats'  - he listens to him more!) Leo promised to go to school even if he didn't want to and he would go with no crying.  Aaron explained about his job and how people have to sometimes do things they don't want to. 

Back to school welcome

I think I was more nervous than Leo was last Monday as we approached the school, I wondered if he would go in nicely or if he might refuse to get out of the car and scream and cry (he did that once last year and it took me 15 minutes and a phone call to Daddy to talk him round, either that or I'd have had to drag him in or give up and go home!)  Being in the 'big class' he now goes in a different entrance and I thought that may have even set him off but I drove to school laughing and joking and we got to the door with no dramas!

When we reached the classroom there were several kids already sitting down in a circle, none I recognised but that doesn't mean much!  The teacher welcomed Leo and asked the class to say 'Kalimera' to him, and that was it - off he went into the circle with a smile and a skipity jump, I even had to call him back to say goodbye!

At lunch time he came out just as happy saying he had enjoyed the 'beginning, middle AND end' and had played in the playground twice. He didn't remember what else had happened except he had been told to eat all his fruit and he didn't want to so he 'sneaked it back into his bag when the teacher wasn't looking'.

So, back to school - so far so good!  He wasn't too impressed about having to go EVERY day but I'm sure he'll get used to that again, at least he's always home at 1pm so he still has plenty of time for playing, swimming or whatever. 


  1. Wishing Leo a very successful year at school. xxx

  2. I would *love* The Boy to finish at 1pm every day as it would give so much time during the rest of the day for fun and games, although I suspect you start earlier than 8.55? I'm so pleased he did well at starting in his new class, he's such a clever boy!

  3. Yep, they start at 7.45 (you can get them there from 7am if you wish) I was horrified at the idea when we first moved over but love it now.


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