Sunday, 22 September 2013

365 Project - week 38

258 - Leo and I are a good team when it comes to building tracks these days!

259 - The obligatory back to school photo, albeit a week late as he was not so happy on the first day!

260 - Clouds!!  There was rain on Tuesday, although not where we were!  My facebook news feed was full of excitement as everyone awaited the first rain which didn't end up coming. It was lovely to have a cool day.

261 - Back to normal on Wednesday with a gorgeous sunrise and temperatures in the high 30s

262 - How can that be a comfortable way to sleep!

263 - Leo's first trip to a funfair, he loved it!  His favourite ride was the rollercoaster  but my favourite photo was taken on the carousel while he patted his horse affectionately.

264 - We had a lovely morning at a local garden centre who were holding a kids fun day. The boys potted their own plants and afterwards sat and did some drawing, Loukas first drawing - luckily I took a photo as I forgot to bring the drawing home!  He looks so grown up here, sitting at the table!

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  1. some fab pictures, my fave of the week is the sleeping one.. why is it children can sleep anywhere?

  2. Loving your elaborate train tracks.

  3. Louka really does look so grown up in that final photo! and Leo looks so sweet patting that horse and nice to see his school uniform lol. and how can kids sleep like that? x

  4. That sunrise is just stunning!! It is amazing the positions that they sleep in isnt it?

  5. That is an awesome train track! Love the sunset, but is that a cloudy sky I see?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. That sunrise shot is amazing! Love the back to school photo too, he looks very grown up.


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