Sunday, 8 September 2013

365 project - week 36

Day 244 - Celebrating September with a trip to the park, turns out it was still a bit too hot!

Day 245 - A trip to an amusement park for the boys.

Day 246 - Louka is always trying to grab books of the shelf which drives me nuts but I was quite amused to see him get this one and open it, maybe he's trying to find out what to do!

Day 247 - My Dad and I took Leo on his first boat trip (not counting a narrowboat holiday he was too young to remember)  He loved it, and said it was an 'Awesome ride' but he was a bit sad that we didn't let him jump of the boat when we stopped for a while - maybe next year!

Day 248 - Climbing again!   Every time you turn around he is trying to climb on or into something!

Day 249 - Leo was busy looking for his lost sweet when I spotted Louka standing in the hall trying to look all innocent!

Day 250 - Peekaboo
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  1. Louka reminds me of my my Z. He's forever climbing everything, then wanting to jump off it all the time. The potty training pic is so cute!

  2. Louka does the most amazing 'innocent' face ever, I'm sure he's an angel?

    Sorry I forgot to link this up chick.


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