Hedrin Protect and Go - {Review}

I have vague memories of queuing to see the 'nit nurse' at primary school and the dread that I might have 'nits', I remember how everyone used to repeat like some protective mantra that 'they only go on clean hair' just in case it turned out they had them!  I'm not sure what my childhood fear was, the reaction from the other kids or the thought of my Mum having to sit for hours with a comb and having 'stinky shampoo' to use. 

It turns out that I avoided head lice right up until the other week when after a long sleepless night with Louka I discovered that the poor little man had somehow caught them himself.   I guess they had come from Leo although it was a couple of days later that I discovered his and they didn't seem to bother him much at all. 

It was relatively easy to get rid of them, although a huge pain to have to do so and ensure they did not come back so I was pleased with the brilliant timing of an email offering me bottle of Hedrin 'Protect and Go', a spray designed to protect against an infestation in the first place. 

A hassle-free conditioning spray, clinically proven to help protect against head lice

  • Disrupts the life cycle of head lice, preventing an infestation
  • Water-based conditioner which is easy to use and can be applied to wet or dry hair after shampooing
  • Apply after every hair wash or at least twice a week

I have used the spray on myself and both the boys and not only is it nice to know we should be protected from another outbreak it also smells lovely!

Priced from £4.29 for 120ml, Hedrin Protect & Go is available from Boots, pharmacies and leading retailers nationwide.  It is skin friendly and contains no known asthma triggers.  You can find more information at www.hedrin.co.uk  or like 'Once a Week, Take a Peek on facebook.

I received a bottle of 'Protect and Go' for the purpose of this review.


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