Flashback Friday - On the beach

Although we've been taking Leo to the beach for four summers now, this is the first year that he has let us build anything without him knocking it down before you actually get anywhere!

It turns out though, that its my Dad who is the expert in sand building, whether it be castles, boats or cars.  (although from memory I believe a car is pretty similar to a boat!)

Looking back through old photos, I can't imagine that I built many things all by myself.....  I do remember my Dad giving considerable assisitance - well, it was a good way to get the sun on his back!

Me in 1985, in Menorca - not sure why it looks so grim!

Spain - in the mid 80s

But they were not nearly as impressive when I did then all by myself, even though I do seem to be quite pleased with it.....

On the Isle of Wight - 1990

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  1. Wow, those sandcastles are amazing! They put me to shame with my castle just out of the bucket. Lovely photos x

  2. i am pleased to see you upholding the family tradition of sand building and Burton is better at not knocking down things made from sand now too! it is just Jenson who likes to knock them down now!!
    your dad made some fun shapes didn't he? i love how you are sat in each creation too - awwww lovely memories x x
    thanks for linking up

  3. Aargh I'm going to have a fight aren't I when Louka starts knocking them down!

  4. It was more my Dad than me! I don't seem to have inherited the skill!


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