365 Project - week 35

I wondered where my sieve had gone!

First time playing with crayons, well actually the second but it was the first time he drew with them!

Party favours all ready!

Leo's way of 'helping' me make the birthday cake!

First proper pair of shoes!

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  1. Love the little sweetie packets. And the hug photo is really sweet!

  2. Those party favours do look lovely but I love that first photo is gorgeous

  3. I do love the first photo- absolutely gorgeous.

  4. awww loving the cuddles picture .. so cute x

  5. Emma does party favour bags looks brilliant! i hope the party did well i will look forward to seign the cake and the party post :)
    that first photo is just gorgeous and Louka's drawing is very expressive x x

  6. What lovely party favours! Hope the party went well. Great picture of the two of them together at the top of the post.

  7. Love the photos, especially the sieve photo.

    Have a great week

  8. The sieve face photo made me chuckle. Love the photos!! xx

  9. Didn't you know that a sieve is one of the best toys ever? Hope the party went well?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  10. Aww very cute pics, the one with the sieve made me laugh :)

  11. Great photos. I want the sweeties please :) x

  12. I've got some left over - pop over for a coffee and we'll share them ;)

  13. I impressed myself with them, and the food table. Love parties!


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