Monday, 29 July 2013

The long hot summer - so far so good!

We're over halfway through the summer season!

I was worried when Aaron went back to work in April after 5 months off over the winter and it seemed like it would be a lifetime before we all had time together again - in Loukas case it pretty much would be anyway!

It's not been easy but so far so good, in our case at home anyway.  Aaron is exhausted bless him as he is right in the crazy period which will last through August but he's powering through. Leo has now been off school for a month and thanks to the amazing invention that is the Nintendo Wii it has largely been an enjoyable time.

We've ticked off a few items off our Summer Dreams list and I have several more plans, some of which have been on hold as both my parents have been ill recently so we are still looking forward to a boat trip, funfair evening and some beach / pool trips together.

I'm quite impressed we are all still in one piece to be honest, the kids are ok, I've not lost my sanity yet and the apartment is pretty much clean and tidy  (thanks Mum!)  I do however have the constant feeling that I'm 'behind' on my blogging and yet it has only just occurred to me that it actually doesn't matter!

So, instead of spending every day mentally noting what I would like to be blogging about in the evening (or more accurately what I'd like to be sitting and doing in the afternoon!)  and then spending the evening blogging (or often just arsing around online) rather than watching tv, swimming or even talking to Aaron I'm going to chill out and drink a cocktail or two in the couple of hours where the kids sleep!

I'm not taking a complete break - you'll never shut me up for that long but I'm going to stop worrying if it turns out that my only posts are my 365 project - that's' another thing but I've got this far and I'm not giving up that easily!

I have so many posts in my head and in draft  -places we've been, things we've done, Flashback Fridays, Slimming World stuff but I have a note book and at least I won't run out of stuff to write in the winter!

I might even attempt an evening at home not spent online!



    You have got this far, you are not giving up!

    However, I think you're right to not spend so much time online, I was doing that but unfortunately I seem to have too many reviews backed up :-/

  2. I won't, although if it was anyone else's linky I think I would have done :)


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