Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer Dreams - Playing with ice

I'm a big fan of pinterest and forever 'pinning' activites to do with the boys although it's a bit like the recipies I used to rip out of magazines to cook 'one day'.  As much as these ideas are great they so often involve some sort of craft skill, require patience or create mess and they get put off for another day!

My biggest problem excuse currently is Louka being too young, and his nap times being too short, and the fact that even simple activities are too old for him as everything would go straight in his mouth.

I got round this problem this week though and the boys and I did our first proper activity together, it went down very well, was easy to set up, cheap and not messy - Yay!

Using a selection of random toys and plastic boxes, I made several blocks of ice with hidden surprises inside. I told Leo we were going to play with ice and at first he was confused, I placed all the blocks into a big plastic box and took them outside. He thought it hilarious to see his toys inside.

baby and toddler activity - playing with ice

Louka was not impressed at first and cried a little as he picked up a small block and sat holding it for a while, but after watching Leo laughing and trying and failing to keep hold of the slippery blocks he laughed too and got quite animated chatting away to himself.

As well as the blocks with toys inside I also made some blocks with a drop of food colouring in each one, this provided much amusement as they melted and turned the whole thing a lovely shade of greeny brown!

I was surprised at how many questions Leo asked about it all considering how often we have ice in our drinks, I was also surprised at how long it all lasted considering how hot it was!

A matter of choice

Please feel free to link up your own 'Summer dreams' or summer fun ideas / posts below....I've also got a collaborative Summer Dreams Pinterest board  so if you would like me to add you just let me know in the comments.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. I love the idea of things in ice, I wish I had thought of this one when mine were younger. Looks like your children are having a lovely time, hope there were not too many cold fingers! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  2. oooh this is a great activity to try although i need more freezer space!!! i must remmeber this one thanks Emma x

  3. this is so great for this weather, i keep meaning to do this!

  4. what a blooming fantastic idea!! i am going to have to try this! x

  5. Fab idea. Potato loves ice and I've done messy play with ice and water beads before. But I've not done it with stuff inside the ice yet. Gives me some ideas for a Ice Age style small world play in the Tuff Spot too, when Potato is a bit older

  6. what a great idea. think im going to have to try this one!

  7. That's a great idea - I have made coloured ice cubes for mine to play with before but didn't think to hide toys in them, will have to give it a go!

  8. Great activity! A lovely one for a sunny day :) #CountryKids

  9. I'm off to do this now, seriously cool activity! Badoom-tish!


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