Friday, 19 July 2013

Sometimes you've just got to get out!

Everyone always says when you have kids its good to get out for a while everyday, today was one of those days!

Despite going downstairs to our shared pool at 1pm for an hour I think the boys and I were suffering today. I spent most of the afternoon racking my brains for somewhere to go - it was 38 degrees which ruled out parks, walking and pretty much everything I could come up with. Eventually at 5pm everybody lost the plot - Leo was building tracks, Louka was demolishing them, I couldn't keep picking him up with my bad back which was playing up and everyone was generally hot and grumpy.

As I had already made dinner (a pasta salad to eat cold) I packed it into a plastic box and announced we were going out!

Thinking it would be a bit cooler than earlier in the day I put the kids in the car and headed down to Agia Napa for a stroll round the harbour and a picnic dinner by the sea.

Looks idyllic doesn't it?

They might say that the camera never lies, but it doesn't always show the true picture...  It was still very very hot despite the sea breeze, it would have been a great plan but I was probably a couple of hours too early!

Leo insisted on walking to the furthest point which was fine, and quite interesting as we'd never done it before but after sitting down to eat, he decided he wanted to go back to where we were in the first place (in the wrong direction to the car) I said no and then he decided he didn't want to eat his dinner out.   We started to walk back to the car and he announced his legs were so tired and couldn't walk any more and Louka suddenly got fed up with being strapped into the buggy.

We eventually got back to the car with the promise of popping into Daddy's shop to say hello on the way home in an attempt to get him to walk past all the restaurants, play areas (we stopped in one for a while) and places selling ice cream.

It was still better than staying indoors even if it wasn't the smoothest of outings.   I did feel quite envious of all the people heading out on the party boat though and we stood for a long time watching it disappear around the cape. Leo was interested in the loud music which you could hear even when the boat was almost a speck in the distance, I was contemplating diving in and swimming towards it to freedom!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Each season only gets better as they grow up and better able to be entertained and entertain themselves. When we get to that stage in the day and it's still too hot to go out, it's an ice cream cone and a dvd. I'm impressed that you took them out even if it wasn't the most successful outing. They were probably more tired and ready for bed than they would have been had you not bothered.

  2. Oh I do sympathise with coping with toddlers in this heat! It seemed like a good idea to get them out but, as you say it was still too hot. Maybe another dip in the pool before dinner next time, I'd probably never leave it in temperatures that high. Thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  3. It can be so hard in the heat with toddlers.

  4. ha ha oh Emma that last comment made me laugh - visions of you jumping into the sea and catching up with that boat!! it must be hard in that sweltering heat it has been hot here but its like that with you for weeks and hotter still! nice to get out though x x

  5. that's a really fun looking boat. We've had very hot weather here as well.

  6. I forgot how hot it gets in Cyprus! We thought it was hot here but 38degrees?? No wonder you wanted to go out later!
    I think with 2 grumpy hot children, i would have jumped in too!

  7. Hi, I know these days but I belive that you would be more lucky trying an inside playground or the mall from Nicosia or the big playground next to it at least you just get a little bit chilly. :) So if you suffer from this, let me tell you my version of the story... besides the 2 kids having another one just 4 months old... all crying in the same time. Anyway it is impossible to go out with all of them by myself.
    All the best from my side. I just discovered your blog and it is very interesting. I send you my blog to check for more activities good luck


  8. Why do the best laid plans always go tits up? That boat does look quite magnificently garish, but also very tempting. Hope the next day was better?

  9. I didn't realise there was a playground nearby. Off to check out your blog, always nice to find another local blogger, I don't think there are that many of us!


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